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Simplify with Mobile Banking

Life is hectic. And these days, simplifying is the key. So why not let EECU help you simplify things by making banking one less thing to worry about? With Mobile Banking from EECU, you have the control to do your banking virtually anywhere, anytime, whether you prefer mobile apps or your phone’s mobile browser. And… Continue reading

Apple Pay™ and Chip Cards Coming Soon to EECU

We always appreciate hearing from our members, because it helps us to improve upon the services that we offer. We have several projects underway to further enhance your experience with EECU and to help protect the security of your account information. To answer a few of the questions we have received from members, we wanted… Continue reading

EECU kept it cool for the Fort Worth’s Fourth celebration at Panther Island

What happens when 70,000 people gather together in Texas in July? Heat. That’s exactly what happened Saturday for the Fort Worth’s Fourth celebration at Panther Island Pavilion. As sponsor of the EECU Skybox, your credit union kept things cool for attendees who were treated to much-needed relief from the 90-degree temperature. EECU CEO Lonnie Nicholson… Continue reading

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