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Need a break from your loan payment? Now you can skip up to three loan payments - in a twelve month period - for a qualifying loan* when your budget needs some extra breathing room.**

Simply complete and submit the form below to request your loan Skip-A-Payment.

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*For a temporary time, based on the Credit Union’s sole discretion, the Credit Union will not charge a processing fee for a loan skip a payment and you can skip up to three loan payments during a rolling 12 month period. After the temporary period ends, a processing fee of 10% of the payment due, with a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $50 will be assessed for each loan you choose to skip a payment, and when payments resume, unpaid interest will be collected first. The processing fee is non-refundable and constitutes a finance charge under each loan. After the end of the temporary period, you will not be eligible for skip a pay on a loan that received a payment extension during the previous 11 rolling months.

** By participating in the Skip-A-Payment program, you authorize EECU to advance your loan due date by one month on the eligible loan(s) you select and acknowledge that this may extend the maturity date of your loan(s). You also acknowledge that this request does not change your legal obligation to the Credit Union, that your loan agreement with the Credit Union requires regular monthly payments, and that the Credit Union is merely permitting you to defer payment for the month indicated. Interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance(s) during the month you skip a payment. All accounts must be in good standing to participate. EECU reserves the right to refuse any skip-a-payment request. Loans that do not qualify include Credit Cards, Lines of Credit, Mortgage Loans, Home Equity Loans, Home Improvement Loans, Land Loans, Business Loans (except business autos), loans associated with auto leases, any loan that has been sold or partially sold and is serviced by EECU, loans with collateral protection insurance, and loans on an insurance payment/claim. If approved, your regular monthly payment will resume the month following your skipped payment. Payments made through payroll deductions or Direct Deposit will be transferred to your primary account during the month you choose to skip and will be subsequently available for withdrawal. Once EECU has received skip-a-payment request through online banking, unless contacted otherwise, consider your submission approved. If you have any form of voluntary insurance or warranty coverage in connection with the loan on which you seek to skip a payment, you should ensure your election to skip does not affect your coverage (examples include but are not limited to: Credit Life, Credit Disability, GAP, Vehicle Warranty in Connection with your loan – not manufacturer or other warranty). Some companies that provide these insurance or warranty services limit the number of extensions on covered loans which may include voluntary skip payments. Such products are provided by third party companies and not the Credit Union so you will need to address any questions to those companies and review your policies/contracts.

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