On the Road? Travel Worry Free with These 3 Debit Card Services

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You can use your EECU debit card anywhere you see the Mastercard® logo whether you are traveling locally or abroad. And, here are three services to help you travel worry free:

#1 Stay Informed with Debit Card Activity Alerts

These customizable, real-time text and email alerts let debit cardholders proactively monitor their account. You can choose which alerts you want to receive and set the dollar amounts that will trigger certain alerts, which will be sent via text message or email.

  • To set-up the Debit Alert feature within online banking, select Additional Services > Debit Card Management > Debit Alerts. And within the mobile banking app, Debit Alerts can be found under More > Debit Card Management > Debit Alerts.

#2 Stay Aware with Debit Card Fraud Text Alerts

EECU provides automatic fraud detection and alerts for your debit card. If potential fraud is suspected, we will contact you immediately to help protect your account.

  • To set up the Debit Fraud Text Alerts quickly and easily click here.

#3 Stay in Control with Debit Card On/Off Switch

EECU debit cardholders have the ability to turn their debit card(s) ON or OFF. This feature lets you take control of your debit card and protect against unauthorized use. If you have misplaced your card, turn it to the OFF position. If you find it, and feel your account has not been jeopardized, turn it back ON and continue to use your card. If you use your card infrequently or are traveling without your card, turn it OFF. Then, turn it ON when you are ready to use it. You are in control.

  • In online banking, select Additional Services > Debit Card Management > Turn Debit Card On/Off. And in the mobile banking app, select More > Debit Card Management > Turn Debit Card On/Off

Lost or Stolen Credit or Debit Card

If you think your card has been lost or stolen, please notify EECU immediately to protect against any fraudulent activity, and get your card replaced.

  • Has your EECU credit card been lost or stolen? Contact our 24-hour hotline at 1-800-442-4757.
  • For a lost or stolen EECU debit card, call our Member Contact Center at 817-882-0800 and select “Option 2”.

Questions? Call our Member Contact Center at 817-882-0800 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Enjoy your worry-free trip!

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