Finding A Reputable Home Loan Lender

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Homeownership is a dream of many of us. Owning a home means putting down roots and having a space that is truly yours. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous lenders and home loan scams out there. That’s why we want to help you avoid becoming a victim.

Here’s how to avoid loan modification fraud, foreclosure rescue schemes, and mortgage scams:

  • Identify a reputable lender. Work with a financial institution that you have a relationship with, or have been referred to by a friend, real estate agent, accountant or attorney.
  • Don’t pay any fees upfront. Requesting fees upfront before the promised results are delivered is illegal, according to the FTC’s Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule.
  • Read before you sign. Don’t sign anything without reading—and fully understanding—the document. Consult your attorney if you have questions.

Next, familiarize yourself with these scams and rip-offs:

  • Bait and Switch: the lender offers you one set of loan terms when you apply, then pressures you to accept different terms when you sign to complete the transaction.
  • Loan Flipping: the lender encourages you to repeatedly refinance the loan and to borrow more money. Each time you refinance, you pay additional fees which increases your debt.
  • Foreclosure Rescue: the company promises to negotiate new terms for distressed homeowners. Instead, the companies do not deliver any assistance, often leaving homeowners in worse financial situations.
  • Predatory Lending: lenders that engage in hard-sell lending tactics, without providing details about all the loan terms, may be engaging in predatory lending.

The best way to avoid home loan scams – go with a trusted lender:

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