High School Students Receive Free EECU Financial Education

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In celebration of Financial Literacy Month, EECU is announcing that in less than a year its digital financial literacy program has reached nearly 5,000 students in 30 different North Texas high schools.

“Data shows that rigorous financial education delivered in a young person’s development leads to positive financial behaviors,” said Lonnie Nicholson, President & CEO, EECU. “By providing students with the knowledge they need to make smart financial decisions, we are investing in the future economic well-being of the communities we serve in North Texas.”

The EECU program is comprised of nine different on-line courses, each taking approximately 40 minutes to complete. The curriculum is provided free of charge and aligns with state and national financial education standards. The topics cover budgeting, savings, banking, payment types, credit, debt, renting vs. owning, insurance, taxes, consumer protection, investing, and financing higher education.

The platform tracks the progress of every student and provides this data to teachers. Additionally, students who take all nine courses and pass the post-test with a 70 percent or higher score receive an accreditation. Approximately 500 high school students have received their certification.

Students who participate in the course take both pre-test and post-tests to measure knowledge gain. The students who completed EECU’s financial literacy programs increased their scores on financial literacy assessments from a D average to a B+. Twice as many high school students report feeling prepared to manage their financial futures after participating in the program.

“There is tremendous need for financial education with our youth,” said David Saenz, Fort Worth ISD executive director of College & Career Readiness. “This financial knowledge can improve the trajectory of these students’ lives.”

EECU launched this program in the fall of 2017, and they plan to continue to roll-out the free program to additional high schools. For High Schools interested in participating in the program please call Barbara Walker, EECU’s Director of Community Involvement and Social Responsibility at 817-882-0472.   EECU is working with EverFi, a national leader in on-line education.

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