Tips For Avoiding Malware On Your Android Device

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Part of the appeal of Android mobile devices is the flexibility and control. However, this flexibility can also open the door to attackers if you are not careful. Here are some tips to help protect you and your Android device from being the victim of malware or other attacks:

  • Purchase an antivirus app for your mobile device (or use one of the free ones) and make sure it stays up-to-date. Your mobile device can be infected from rogue apps, websites with embedded malware, or infected attachments on email. Antivirus can help protect you from these various sources of malware. Avast, AVG, Norton, and McAfee are popular choices.
  • Only download apps from the Google Play store. While you still need to be careful with apps you get from Google, most malware-laden apps come from third party app stores. If an app is only available from a non-Google app store, there may be a good reason they are avoiding the Google store and it may be that they are up to no good.
  • Pay attention to the rights your apps request. For instance, it is very rare that an app should need admin access to your mobile device, which gives the app full control over the mobile device and is used frequently by malware. If the rights seem inappropriate for the type of app, decline the rights request.
  • Think twice before clicking on a suspicious app. Some malware will install rogue apps on your phone automatically. If you suddenly see new apps that you have not seen before or are not familiar with, think twice before clicking on them.
  • Be careful when visiting unfamiliar websites or opening attachments in email you don’t recognize. As mentioned above, those are common ways to infect mobile devices and computers alike.

Following these simple steps can reduce your exposure to malware and hopefully help prevent you from becoming a victim.

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