Credit union’s 14th Fort Worth area location expands EECU’s member service with interactive design

EECU plans to open its newest branch in Alliance Town Center (to be located at 3451 Texas Sage Trail) late September, bringing the credit union’s number of banking locations to 14 in the greater Fort Worth area.

Credit union members and those interested in learning more about EECU’s services are invited to visit the branch during a week of planned grand opening activities to welcome EECU to the Alliance Town Center. The dates will be announced in late September or early October. Continue reading


If you no longer carry cash or write checks, then your debit card is your lifeline to your money. As such, you should make every effort to prevent access to your account from falling into the wrong hands. While keeping private information such as your PIN to yourself is crucial, there are a few things often overlooked because they don’t always seem like a threat. Be sure you’re aware of these five tips for protecting your debit card information. Continue reading