Apple Pay™ and Chip Cards Coming Soon to EECU

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We always appreciate hearing from our members, because it helps us to improve upon the services that we offer. We have several projects underway to further enhance your experience with EECU and to help protect the security of your account information. To answer a few of the questions we have received from members, we wanted to share an update on two projects that are currently underway.

When is Apple Pay™ coming to EECU?

Pending Apple’s approval, we hope to introduce Apple Pay™ to our members within the next few months. We are excited to offer this service to our many iPhone 6 users who we know share our enthusiasm.

When Apple Pay™ was first launched, only a select few larger financial institutions were part of the initial release. EECU is included in a small group of other financial institutions that will begin the process of fully testing Apple Pay™ with our systems in preparation for making it available to our members in the next few months.

For more information about Apple Pay™, visit

When will EECU begin issuing chip cards?

At EECU, we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our credit cards. To provide you with greater flexibility and enhanced security, we are working to offer chip cards for our Catalyst MasterCard® with cash rewards, World MasterCard® and business credit card beginning mid-July while our Platinum Plus MasterCard® will be available within the September–October 2015 time frame.

Over the next year, more merchants will begin installing chip-enabled terminals. The embedded chip in our new cards will enhance card security, giving you peace of mind when you use your card at chip-enabled terminals.

Once our new cards are issued, using your card at the chip-enabled terminals will be easy. Simply insert your chip card and sign to authorize the transaction. For merchants who are not yet equipped with chip-enabled terminals, swipe the magnetic strip and sign your name as usual. When making transactions over the phone or online, nothing changes. Simply provide your credit card number, and complete the transaction as you do today.

While we’re working on enhancing the security of your cards, rest assured knowing that you have the benefit of MasterCard’s® Zero Liability for unauthorized transactions on your EECU credit or debit cards.

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14 thoughts on “Apple Pay™ and Chip Cards Coming Soon to EECU

  1. Apple Pay! Apple Pay! Apple Pay! Apple Pay! Make it work make it work make it work make it work! 🙂

    Just got a phone that supports it, and I attempted to set up my card right away. Still not supported in October.

    Realistically I might just use it once at a store that supports it, and end up not using it as I see so many small stores without any sort of NFC support (the federal mandate only happened a few months so I’ll give them the benefit of doubt). However I’d still like to try it out!

  2. When will samsung pay Be supported I would love to use my eecu card worth my note 5 samsung pay .

  3. It’s been 3 months now since the approval process from Apple. I’ve seen plenty of Credit Unions being supported in that period of time. Any updates on the matter?


    • Hi James! Android Pay launched with just a handful of financial institutions, so we will be looking at the possibility of offering this functionality soon. We will keep you updated with any news here on our blog and by email.

      • Please keep in mind that there are a lot of Android users out there. I’ve been successfully using my EECU debit card with Google Wallet since 2012. Android Pay is a little different, and I’m looking forward to having my card better integrated into AP for security reasons. (I’m equally looking forward to having a debit card with a secure chip as I’ve had to change cards 3 times in the last year)

  4. When will Apple Pay come? It is now September. And this article is from July. Anytime soon? And will it also work for EECU credit cards?

    • Hi there! We are testing the systems to make sure everything is in working order and look forward to launching very soon! We will be offering this service for both EECU credit and debit cards; however, the launch dates may be different. We will keep you updated here and via email with news about Apple Pay.

    • Hi Israel! We are in the late stages of implementing EMV chips for our debit cards. We hope to launch these new cards at the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016.

  5. I am traveling to Europe 8/26/15. I have an EECU debit card that I use all the time. Is it safe to use in Europe and what are the charges. Is it possible to issue me one with a chip now.
    Suzanne Mabe

    • Hi Suzanne! At this time, we are unable to issue debit cards with EMV chips; however, our World MasterCard and Catalyst MasterCard credit cards do have the chips. Debit cards will incur a foreign transaction fee of up to 1% of the transaction amount. We do recommend taking multiple payment sources when traveling and using a credit card over a debit card in order to protect your money in the event of card loss or theft. We also recommend calling us prior to your trip to make us aware of the dates and locations you will be traveling so that unusual transactions are not blocked under suspicion of fraud.

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