12 thoughts on “EECU Mobile Banking for iPhone now supports Touch ID

    • Hi Jim! Our Android app does not currently support fingerprint authentication for any devices. We expect that to be available down the road, but we’re working with our mobile development partners to determine how quickly we can roll that feature out.

    • Hi Tony! We are working to finish up the final stages of preparation during the coming weeks and hope to have some good news for you and our other members using iPhone very soon!

  1. If a customer is not using the Apple Touch ID device why must ALL customers accept a policy that is written specifically for one type of device?

    • Hi Devonna! The policy you were asked to accept pertains to both Apple and Android devices. While the first section refers to Touch ID, which is currently only on Apple devices, the updated policy also covers additional features in both applications.

  2. It is absurd that EECU customers are required to accept a User Policy that they do not use and will not be using! This new Policy should ONLY appear if someone is attempting to access an account with the device the policy pretaints to. I DECLINED to accept the policy based on the FACT that I do not have an APPLE (anything) and I will not purchase an APPLE (anything). So WHY must I accpt this policy if I am not using the device it is ment to cover??!?!?!?!?!?!

  3. Unless I’m misunderstanding, I have to agree to the mobile banking terms or it is not going to give me access to my account. I use my on line account, but I do not have an IPhone or a smart phone. Why should I have to agree to terms that do not apply to me?

    • Hi there! The policy you were asked to accept covers multiple Online Banking and Mobile Banking features. Although you don’t have an iPhone, you do have the ability to access some of these other features like FinanceWorks through Online Banking.

  4. I am not able to “update” my existing EECU mobile app which I’ve had since it was introduced, to upload the touch id. without deleting and reloading my EECU app, how can i get that option on my iPhone??

    • Hi Val! Several months ago we transitioned our application to a new platform which required the old app to be deleted and downloaded again from the App Store. This may be why you’re unable to update. If you delete/redownload, you will still be able to log in with your usual credentials.

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