15 thoughts on “Fraud Alert: Beware what information you give out over the phone

  1. I was charged twice for my car payment of $180. The bank has continuously told me its not their problem and has offered little to no help. In fact the Mgr of my branch proceeded to tell me that because I pay my bill 2 times a month via my debit card that I gave the car company permission to charge whatever they want on my card whenever they want. I will be switching banks in the near future due to lack of assistance and rude employees!

    • Hi Dylan, we’re terribly sorry to hear about this issue. Please email us at community@eecu.org and let us know which branch this occurred at and any other pertinent information so we can look into this and ensure your payments are not duplicated. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

  2. If there is a questionable transaction, will the Fraud Department call on a Sunday?

    • Hi Venita! Our fraud department works with a third-party organization to ensure that fraudulent transactions are found even after hours and on weekends. If you received a call yesterday, please give us a call today to take a look at your account and make sure your funds are protected.

  3. i received a call from a (844) 281-8*** number that my card may have had some fraudulant activity on it when i tried to purchase something over $700.00. the call came from an actual person who left that as a voicemail. When I called back they said it was unusual activity on my card and asked for the last 6 numbers of my card to verify and a question that was on my initial application to verify it was me. They then told me of the place and dollar amount that was trying to be purchased. i verified it was in fact myself using the card for that purchase. They reset my card and i have not had any issues since.

  4. I also received a call from 1-888-503-0711 and they asked for my card number, expiration date and pin number.
    I of course gave it away and now someone charged almost $600 on my account in Mexico.
    I feel like an idiot also…

    • We’re so sorry that happened to you, Lorena. If you haven’t already, please call our member contact center at 817-882-0800 so we can issue you a new debit card number and activate our fraud-legal team to try and recover any fraudulent charges.

  5. received call from a ‘366’ number saying Fraud Alert EECU Credit Card had been compromised…No request for pin or other information was made. But continuation numbers were suggested such as 1 to continue and 2 to unlock credit card…the 2 to unlock may have been where additional data may have been requested..but I hung up. The fact they knew my number and requested information about my EECU Debit card seemed like they had too much information from some where

  6. I feel like a fool, and usually recognize scams, but I have fallen prey to this one just a few minutes ago. I gave out the information because I thought it was EECU. I sent a secure email but am very concerned. Getting a new card is such a hassle, I cannot believe this has happened. I left my phone number on the secure email I just sent. This is horrible. Beverly Clement.

    • Hi Beverly! We hope you’ve already been contacted by our member services team following your email, but if not, please call us at 817-882-0800 and let us know what happened so we can issue a new debit card number. Thank you!

  7. I just received a call “from” you and gave my card and pin number without even thinking!!!! ;/ What I need to do now?? 🙁

    • Hi Lina! Please call us at 817-882-0800 as soon as possible and let our member services team know what happened. We will need to issue a new debit card number to protect your account. Thank you!

  8. How do they know I have an account at EECU? Has your system been compromised?

    • Hi Kenneth! This particular system is blanketing calls to DFW residents, including both members and non-members. We haven’t had any breaches of private information, but some of the calls have reached EECU members.

  9. I received one of the phone calls requesting information. It came from this number 888-503-0711 in case it helps.

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