Benefits of your new Debit MasterCard®

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141003 Debit MasterCard Benefits

EECU recently began converting all member debit cards to MasterCard® in order to offer members benefits not previously available. Here you’ll find more information about these benefits. For full details, please review the MasterCard® Guide to Benefits for Debit Cardholders that will arrive with your card.

Extended Warranty

Doubles the original manufacturer’s (or U.S. store brand) warranty of 12 months or less on most item you purchase with your Debit MasterCard®.*

Price Protection

If you make a purchase with your Debit MasterCard® and then see the same product advertised for a lower price within 60 days, you may be eligible to receive reimbursement for the price difference. You can take advantage of this benefit four times each year and may receive up to $250 per claim.*

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you make a purchase with your Debit MasterCard® and decide to return it within 60 days, but the retailer will not accept it as a return, you may be eligible for a refund. This applies to products purchased from retailers who offer a return policy of at least 10 days at the time of purchase. This benefit can also be used four times each year, up to $250 per claim.*

MasterCard Global Service

MasterCard Global Service is there for you in the event that your card is ever lost or stolen. In the event you need to report your card missing and EECU is unavailable, you can reach MasterCard at 1-800-307-7309 to ensure the card is disabled and you can limit liability for any unauthorized purchases made.

Identity Theft Resolution Services

If you fall victim to identity theft, there are many different accounts that you may be juggling in order to make sure your money is safe. MasterCard offers 24/7 support to help make sure you are doing everything you can to protect your account. If you believe your identity has been stolen, notify EECU and call 1-800-MC-ASSIST to speak with a MasterCard representative.

Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement

In the event your identity is stolen and fraud is committed, you may be eligible for reimbursement for losses up to $1,000 per year. It is important if you feel your identity has been stolen that you notify EECU and MasterCard immediately in order to minimize potential losses.

If you haven’t already received your Debit MasterCard® keep an eye on your email and mail for additional information, and be sure to review your Guide to Benefits to learn more about these opportunities.

Debit MasterCard® FAQs

*Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. See your Debit MasterCard® Guide to Benefits for complete program details.
Keith Spivey, vice president of payment systems, has been with EECU since 1985 and leads the teams responsible for debit and credit card processing, ACH and wire transfers, and ATM services. Keith holds a bachelor of business administration degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.

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15 thoughts on “Benefits of your new Debit MasterCard®

    • Hi Kenneth! All EECU checking accounts come with a complimentary Debit MasterCard. If you have not received one, call us at 817-882-0800 or visit your nearest branch and we can issue you one.

  1. when are the chip master cards going to be available? I n the up coming year I will be diong quite a lot of international travel.

    • Hi there! Our credit cards with EMV chips are already in production, but debit cards may not be complete until late this year. In the meantime, contact the issuers of your cards and let them know where you plan to travel and for what dates, and they will be able to note that on your account to help prevent incorrect fraud blocks. You will still need to swipe your card at terminals that accept EMV chip cards, but your transactions should still work.

    • Hi Les! Yes, we are working to put the technologies in place to work with Apple Pay as soon as possible. We’re hoping to launch this feature this coming spring.

  2. Card itself is terrible.. flimsy. At first upon receiving, I thought it was fake. In addition, I’m really frustrated that my original card was turned off because I simply hadn’t time to switch over yet. Had no idea I had a “deadline” – even though I had a reminder phone call which also did not indicate a cut off date. Fortunately or me.. I have other means of payment however I’m sure for some of your other members it could be a different story therefore putting them in a difficult or embarrassing situation. On top of all of this, when I called the 800 number this morning to complain the girl argued with me that the reminder phone call indicated the date it would be cut off. She’s wrong.. I still have the voice mail saved. I don’t appreciate your staffers arguing w/me when I know I”m correct.

  3. What if I do not want to use MasterCard and wish to continue with my Visa card? I do not want to change all of my automatic withdrawals since the new MC requires changing the number etc and I don’t see that $1000 a year is much reimbursement if my identity is stolen.

    • Hi Karen! The old Visa debit cards will no longer be supported once a Debit MasterCard is issued. In many cases where account and routing numbers are used for drafts, there will be no change required. We realize changing card numbers may cause a brief inconvenience, but we do feel that the benefits of our new cards will pay off in the end. Please give us a call at 817-882-0800 if we can help you through the transition. Thank you!

  4. I thought the same things as Chad when I first opened my new card. Not as sturdy as the old red cards. Not that it may be important but, the new design makes it hard to read your name. The name is imprinted white in the same area the card is white. I also would like to personalize my card. I hope you had this feature sooner rather than later.
    Thank You.

  5. Is there a way to order a personalized debit card?

    This card is flimsy, thin, and looks terrible. I use my card while in buisiness travel, and need a better card to represent my intrest. I have Walmart gift cards that have more substance in my wallet currently, and this card has a trend to slip out.

    Thank you…

    • Hi Chad! At this time we don’t have a way of creating personalized debit cards, but this is certainly something we’ll keep in mind for the future. Thanks so much for your feedback!

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