Now accepting applications for 2015 Glenn Mandeville Memorial Scholarships

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140930 Mandeville Scholarship

Are you a high school senior? Are you or your parent/guardian an EECU member? Then it’s time for you to apply for a Glenn Mandeville Memorial Scholarship!

We’re seeking six deserving students to award $5,000 scholarships to help pay for college—three awards for students pursuing a career in education, and three awards for students in other fields of study. If you meet the following eligibility requirements, download an application and submit it to us by January 31, 2015.

  • You are currently a senior in high school
  • You or your parent/legal guardian are a member in good standing with EECU
  • You plan on attending an accredited college or university
  • You demonstrate excellence in the areas of academic achievement, character, leadership and personal relationships

Be sure and read the instructions and criteria carefully, as incomplete or incorrect applications may not be considered. Awards will be presented in March 2015 at EECU’s annual shareholders meeting.

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10 thoughts on “Now accepting applications for 2015 Glenn Mandeville Memorial Scholarships

    • Hi Kelly! Yes, we will be offering the Glenn Mandeville Memorial Scholarship again this year. Applications usually go out in October, so keep your eyes peeled for yours!

  1. Will the next round of these scholarships be available for students that are in college already? I have been a member of EECU for 2 years now and I would love to be able to receive this scholarship!

    Thank you!

    • Hi Harper! At this time we do not have plans to change the eligibility of the Glenn Mandeville Memorial Scholarship. Next year’s program will continue to accept applications from high school seniors.

  2. How long does the student have to have an EECU account? we are wanting to get our son his own account. Can we get it started before Jan 31st and still qualify?

    • Hi Cindy! Students qualify if they have an EECU account OR if their parent/guardian has an EECU account, and there is no minimum length of time the account needs to be open.

  3. Hello,

    will the scholarship extend to college students anytime in the near future?

    thank you

    • Hi there! At this time, we don’t have plans to offer this scholarship to students already enrolled in college.

  4. Is this scholarship only for high school seniors or can it be for college freshmen as well?

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