Apple Pay Coming Soon to EECU!

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If you followed Apple’s iPhone 6 launch event this week, or have read about it since then, you may have heard them mention the new Apple Pay feature that will be available in October. You can read full details about what they are doing on Apple’s website but here is the short version:

  • Apple is creating a digital wallet for iPhone 6 users that will allow you to enter your existing debit and credit cards into the iPhone by taking a picture of them or bringing existing cards over from iTunes. The cards will show up in the Apple Passbook app.
  • Using a special chip in the phone, you will be able to pay for things at participating merchants by waving your phone over a special kind of card reader.
  • The transaction is secured both by requiring your fingerprint on the iPhone 6 home button and by not transferring your actual card number, but using a special one-time use number called a token. The benefit to this arrangement is that the merchant never has your actual card number and therefore cannot inadvertently expose it to hackers (which has happened in recent merchant data breaches). This process happens in the background and is really invisible to the card user.

As Apple mentioned in the presentation, the company has agreements with MasterCard and Visa, and are also working with a number of financial institutions. For those of you planning to buy an iPhone 6 and who would like to use the Apple Pay technology, you are probably wondering if you will be able to use it with your EECU cards.

We are working closely with our card processing partners to implement the required technology so that we may offer support for Apple Pay to our members as soon as possible. We will keep you posted on our progress.

Tim Grove, vice president of systems development, has been with EECU Credit Union’s information technology team since 1999, and is responsible for the programming and development of EECU’s website as well as all online and mobile services. Tim holds an undergrad degree in marketing from Oklahoma Christian University as well as an MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington, and has served marketing and IT teams at companies including Canon, EDS and Halliburton.

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30 thoughts on “Apple Pay Coming Soon to EECU!

  1. So it’s been a year since it was announced that you were working on getting this to your customers and we still don’t have it. Any new news on when it will be available to us?

  2. Is there any new update with this?? It seems like it’s taking much longer than it should.

  3. Come on guys-please get your act together! We’re really dying here, when can we expect it?

  4. Thanks EECU for giving us an update. Looking forward to using Apple Pay. Been a long time in the making…

  5. Our payment processing partners are still working to implement the technologies necessary to offer Apple Pay. At this time, we are hoping for a May or June launch date. We will keep members updated as we near that time. We appreciate your patience.

    • Maybe you should look at getting some new payment processing partners if they can’t implement Apple Pay in less then 6-7 months. The ball has been dropped on this big time. It’s already pretty much the middle of May.

      • And now it’s July. Still nothing. Heads should roll for this! I love EECU as my bank but this is just pathetic in regards to Apple Pay rollout. Europe will have it working before us and it’s not even scheduled to become active there until July 22.

        • Agreed. I was thinking the same on UK rolling out Apple Pay before EECU. I just wish there were more feedback.. EECU mention a May or June launch & its past due.

          Being a EECU member all I’m hoping for is some updates on what’s the status.

  6. What is the scoop on when Apple Pay comes to EECU? There are LOTS of institutions now offering Apple Pay functionality. Getting pretty frustrated with the wait.

  7. So is there any idea when this will happen for EECU customers? You mentioned it would be available soon back in October…to me soon has long passed.

  8. I understand that this is a lengthy process, but we would like to see some type of estimated time… It could be broad, but give us some update.

    • Hi Weston! We are still working with our programmers to work out all the details, but hope to have it up and running during the next few months. We appreciate your patience while we get this implemented, and look forward to one more added convenience!

  9. Can’t wait to try out this new tech! Now if I can get my drivers license in my phone I can truly be wallet free….

    EECU: will we be able to log in to the mobile app using Touch ID? Maybe make it a user opt-in option?

    • Hi Weston! Because the technology surrounding Online/Mobile Banking log in is regulated by the federal government, we aren’t currently able to offer this feature. This is definitely something we will keep in mind for the future, and would love to offer it as a convenience to members.

  10. Apple worked with select financial institutions prior to the release; however, we are working to catch up as quickly as possible. We have not yet determined a launch date for compatibility with EECU cards, but we will update members with more information as we receive it. We’re very excited to offer this soon!

  11. Just updated to 8.1 and was said to see neither my debit card not my Visa card were supported!

    Sure was glad to see this post though. I hope support is coming very soon!

  12. I too am very interested in using Apple pay with EECU. I’m a little disappointed that it’s not available on launch day. However it’s encouraging to know that you have at least posted something that users can research and know that we will be getting the feature soon. (Hopefully before Christmas!)

  13. Since Apple Pay will be released tomorrow… Will we get notified by email or will it simply be a blog post indicating support for Apple Pay with EECU members?

    • Hi Alfred! We are working with MasterCard and our card processing partners to get the technology in place to support Apple Pay. It’s not quite ready just yet, but we will notify all members as soon as it’s available. Stay tuned!

        • Hi Roger! You will receive a new Debit MasterCard prior to the launch of Apple Pay. We are in the process of replacing all Visa debit cards now, as MasterCard offers our members additional benefits. Keep an eye on your mail for your new card.

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