Making the most of online and mobile banking (Part 2)

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In Part 1, we discussed viewing all account balances, making loan payments from credit card or non-EECU checking accounts, setting up text alerts, and taking advantage of Skip-a-Payment year-round. Here, we will cover more online or mobile features you may not have known about.

Did you know you can transfer funds between your EECU account and accounts held elsewhere?

If you have an account at another financial institution, you can use EECU’s External Transfer feature to move funds between that account and your account at EECU. In Online Banking, go to the “Move Money” (select External Transfers → Transfer Between My Accounts). To set up the feature you will need the routing number and account number of your non-EECU account. As part of the setup process, two small deposits will be made into that account and you will be required to enter the transaction information into Online Banking to verify that the account is yours. You will also establish a PIN that may be required on future transfers. Please note that both accounts must have the same primary account holder. Transfers between accounts will complete in about three business days, or you can pay a small fee to have the transfer completed on the next business day.

Did you know you can send money to friends and relatives electronically?

Using our Popmoney® service (sometimes referred to as person-to-person payments), you can send money to practically anyone as long as you have their email address or mobile phone number. The system sends them a message that prompts them to log in to the Popmoney® website (or in some cases, their financial institution) to have the funds electronically deposited into their account. If you know your recipient’s routing number and account number, you can transfer money directly into their account. To use the service, go to the “Move Money” menu in Online Banking (select External Transfers → Pay Other People).

Did you know you can create and manage financial goals and budgets, and then track your progress using transactions from accounts held both at EECU and elsewhere?

In Part 1 you learned how to use FinanceWorks™ to display accounts held elsewhere inside Online Banking. But did you know that FinanceWorks™ can do a whole lot more? FinanceWorks™ also allows you to create budgets, view and categorize all of your transactions and then track your spending by category. If you need help getting your financial house in order, this is the tool for you.

Did you know you can automatically get cash back by making purchases with your EECU debit card?

Purchase Rewards is a program that allows you to earn cash back when you use your EECU debit card to make purchases at select merchants. You can find merchant offers by looking in the Purchase Rewards section of the Online Banking home page or the Earn Cash Back menu on mobile banking. Browse merchant offers, and click the ones you’re interested in to add them to your debit card. Then simply make the specified purchase by the expiration date using your EECU debit card, and your account will automatically be credited with your cash back reward in about a month. Once you enroll, you may also see suggested Purchase Rewards listed in your Online Banking transaction history.

Tim Grove, vice president of systems development, has been with EECU Credit Union’s information technology team since 1999, and is responsible for the programming and development of EECU’s website as well as all online and mobile services. Tim holds an undergrad degree in marketing from Oklahoma Christian University as well as an MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington, and has served marketing and IT teams at companies including Canon, EDS and Halliburton.

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