If you are online reading this right now, chances are you already use EECU’s online banking services. However, if you are like me, you have a routine set of pages you visit when you go online and may have missed some of the great services we offer to our online and mobile users.

Did you know you can see your accounts at other financial institutions on your EECU online banking home page?

Our FinanceWorks™ tool allows you to connect to your external accounts by selecting a financial institution and providing login credentials (The credentials are encrypted and stored securely so your passwords are safe.). Once per day, FinanceWorks™ logs into your external accounts and downloads balances and transactions. The transactions are available in FinanceWorks™ and your balances appear both in FinanceWorks™ and on the online banking home page. This allows you to have one convenient place to see any deposits, loans or investments you have elsewhere. Continue reading