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Shopping on the big three sales days, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, can get mind-numbing. How do you know what to buy, when? The worst feeling is buying an item on one of these big shopping days only to find the deal got better later on.

Here is a run-down on some best bets based on the past two Black Friday seasons. Use these rules of thumb while crafting your perfect, personalized Black Friday shopping game plan.

If a category isn’t mentioned, that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be good offers; it just means there weren’t noteworthy spikes on a specific day. So when you find a good deal, get it.

Thanksgiving looks to be the best option with sales on phones, apps and accessories. Based on sales from last year, some that yield a profit (via gift cards) come as early as the Wednesday before Black Friday. Consider doing your smartphone shopping on Thanksgiving. 42% of all the phone deals that day in 2012 were sweet enough to be marked top choices, as opposed to just 31% of those listed on Black Friday. Last year there were 50% more Android phone deals on Thanksgiving. However, if you’re looking for that elusive iPhone deal, then you’re better off on Black Friday.

HDTV deals are excellent on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but Turkey Day TV deals stood out in the last few years for two reasons. First of all, we tend to see more top choices on Thanksgiving; about 61% of the deals were marked as such. Secondly, these choice TV deals are much better on Thanksgiving. On Black Friday, for example, we typically see TVs that are at all-time price lows for their model (i.e., the lowest total price we’ve seen on a specific Samsung 46″ HDTV model). Yet over the past two Thanksgivings, we’ve seen TVs at the very best price in their entire category (the best-ever price for any Samsung 46″ HDTV).

Gaming Items
For video games, there’s just no beating Thanksgiving. There were 70% more gaming deals during the last two Thanksgivings than on Black Friday.

Best Things to Buy on Black Friday

Laptops and Computers
For deals on computers—especially laptops—Black Friday stands out. On average, we saw a few more laptop deals on Thanksgiving, but we found a far bigger quantity of top-choice laptop deals during the past two Black Fridays.

Black Friday sales can also offer an excellent selection of kitchenware deals. Not only did the past two Black Fridays offer more deals for small appliances, cutlery and kitchen gadgets on average than Thanksgiving or Cyber Monday, but about 54% of the kitchen deals were top choice.

Best Things to Buy on Cyber Monday

Clothing and Shoes
Although Cyber Monday tends to offer significantly fewer tech deals, it’s the undefeated heavyweight champion when it comes to clothing and shoe deals. On the past two Cyber Mondays, there was an average of 45% more clothing deals on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday, and about 53% more deals than on Thanksgiving. We also saw about 50% more shoe deals. Also many clothing and shoe retailers will offer great stacking coupons.

Best Things to Buy During Black Friday Weekend

Finally, the weekend of Black Friday, before Cyber Monday, features a number of quality, multiple-day sales. More sale days mean more chances to fill your cart with bargain-priced goodies and fewer worries about time-sensitive deals expiring. But the trade-off is that Black Friday weekend deals aren’t always the best. However, there are two categories where Black Friday weekend sales do stand out: tools and appliance deals.

While we see the same average number of tool deals on any given day of the Black Friday season, we tend to see a significant increase in the number of top-choice deals over Black Friday weekend. Keep in mind, this is the best time to buy tools and hardware!

Finding a jaw-dropping deal on a large appliance isn’t hard during the Black Friday season. In 2012 alone, 42% of the appliance deals we saw at this time were marked top choice. But during the Black Friday weekend sales last year, we saw a larger concentration of appliance deals, 46% of which were marked top choice.

So, what’s your Black Friday game plan? Make sure and stay tuned on MyDFWMommy, by signing up for our newsletter and checking out our Black Friday and Retail Deals page so you don’t miss out on any hot deals!

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