Now accepting applications for 2014 Glenn Mandeville Memorial Scholarships

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2014 Mandeville Scholarship

Are you a high school senior? Do you or your parent have an EECU account? Then you may qualify for a Glenn Mandeville Memorial Scholarship.

Each year, EECU awards six $5,000 scholarships to deserving students—three awards for students pursuing a career in education, and three awards for students in other fields of study. If you meet the following eligibility requirements, download an application and submit it to us by January 31, 2014.

  • You are currently a senior in high school
  • You or your parent/legal guardian must be a member in good standing with EECU
  • You plan on attending an accredited college or university
  • You demonstrate excellence in the areas of academic achievement, character, leadership and personal relationships

Be sure and read the instructions and criteria carefully, as incomplete or incorrect applications may not be considered. Awards will be presented in March 2014 at EECU’s annual shareholders meeting.

18 thoughts on “Now accepting applications for 2014 Glenn Mandeville Memorial Scholarships

  1. Good afternoon,

    Have the 2014 recipients been selected? If not, when will they be announced?

    Thank you,
    Jacob Brooks
    Mansfield Legacy High

    • Hi Jacob! Yes, our 2014 winners have been selected and were announced at our Annual Shareholder Meeting last month.

  2. Are the GPA of 4 high school years required on the form unweighted or weighted?
    What are the “Citizenship Average” data on the form? My school report does not have such data.

    • Hi there! We accept both weighted and unweighted GPAs on applications. The “Citizenship Average” is only used by some schools, so if your school does not maintain one, you can leave that portion blank.

  3. What if we can’t find any record of our GPA at the specific year intervals since transcripts are a running document? Also, my school will have not have official transcripts for the year available by the Januray 31 deadline. How should I fill out the application?

    • Hi Bailey! If your end-of-year report card does not note your GPA, you should be able to get it from your guidance counselor. If your transcript is not available in time, submit all the documents you do have and complete the application to the best of your ability. You will be contacted if there are any specific questions about your application.

    • Hi Michaela! The application and essay require that you disclose a course of study; however, we understand that many students change majors once they start school. In this case, a winning student will continue to receive their yearly scholarship disbursements as long as the GPA requirement is met.

  4. Do you have to be a high school senior? Or is there another type of scholarship for students already in college?

    • The Glenn Mandeville Memorial Scholarship is our only stand-alone scholarship program at this time. We do have an internship program that includes a scholarship, but we are not currently accepting applications for it.

    • Hi Mason! Letters of recommendation do not have to be handwritten; they just need to be in writing, typed as a letter. This just distinguishes between recommendations that may be given over the phone or in person.

  5. To clarify, this must be either mailed or hand-delivered to an EECU bank? There is no online submission?

    • Hey Alex, at the moment, our preferred submission method is by mail or by delivery to any of our branches. We are working on an online submission process for future scholarship cycles.

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