EECU Intern: What do I want to get out of my internship?

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During the fall 2013 semester, EECU will be hosting an intern from Texas Christian University. Through the internship program, she will have the opportunity to gain exposure to the operations of your credit union and to contribute to EECU’s mission of educating individuals about personal finances by leading a program for TCU students. Stay tuned throughout the semester for updates from Menglu Cai about what she’s learning!

Coming from an engineering family, I find my passion in the business world. Now, I am studying accounting and finance at Texas Christian University. As a senior, I have enough fundamental knowledge about my majors, but I don’t have any related work experience. However, accounting and finance are all about being practical. Some business students might be able to get the real experience from their family. However, coming from an engineering family, I need to find my own way into the business world. I think the only way to get into the real professional world is through an internship. I really appreciate that EECU Credit Union is providing me with this valuable opportunity.

Throughout my internship, firstly, I want to experience the real office working environment. I also need to know how to interact with my co-workers and managers appropriately. Moreover, I also hope to use the knowledge that I learned from school and put it into practice. I want to see and explore how their accounting- and finance-related departments operate, what kind of IT system they use to perform tasks and many other things related to my majors in order to get the first-hand knowledge and experience in the real working environment.

In addition, I think the internship also provides me with a great transition from school to career. Throughout my internship with EECU, I will be able to rotate in different departments. I will be working with accounting, finance, marketing, compliance and daily operations. I am really excited about it, and I also feel grateful for this valuable opportunity that EECU offers. Hopefully, upon the completion of my internship, it will give insight about what I am good at doing, what weaknesses that I need to overcome, what kind of working environment I prefer and what I want to do before graduation. This internship experience might also help me to find the career that I want to pursue after graduation.

Menglu Cai is a senior finance and accounting major at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. Hailing from China, she came to Texas to prepare for a career in the business world. Spending a semester with EECU, she has the opportunity to gain exposure to business practices through many different departments, and to leave a lasting impression on her peers through a financial education initiative for TCU students.

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