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Tuesday evening, we will make updates to EECU’s Online Banking program to enhance security for your accounts. Many of you have already updated your account with a new username and a phone number or email address for account verification purposes, but if you haven’t already, you will be required to do so when you log in after the update.

What will change?

The first time you log in after the update, you will be greeted with a new screen. What you are asked to do at that point will depend on your current settings.

Inside online banking there are a few more changes worth noting.

  • Although you can do transfers directly from the online banking home page by clicking the “Make a transfer” button, the additional transfer options (Scheduled Transfers and External Transfers) are now under the Move Money menu.
  • If you’re looking for FinanceWorks or TurboTax, or you are a business user looking for Payroll, those are under Manage Money. And then services like Online Statements, E-Alerts, E-Deposit, Stop Payments, and Check Order are under Additional Services.
  • Most of the features that used to be in the User Options menu are now in the My Profile menu at the upper right of the screen. You can change your security options, username, password, account nicknames, etc. And to send EECU a secure message, receive a secure message back from us, or see Frequently Asked Questions, click the Support button and then click the Secure Support link on the box that pops up in the middle of the screen.
  • Bill Pay has also received a minor facelift. The functionality is the same including the way you pay bills—entering an amount, selecting a send date and clicking pay. But now if you need to make changes to the payee, including things like setting automatic or expedited payments or setting up a reminder, you do that by clicking the Options button to the right of the Pay button.

Why are things changing?

The menu and Bill Pay changes are part of that continuing effort to make online banking look better, work better or increase functionality. The security changes make the system more secure.

Although challenge questions were a good solution for providing extra security at one time, financial industry regulators have decided that challenge questions are no longer a sufficient solution for providing extra security.

The intent of the extra layer of security is to use multiple factors (which is why the extra security measures used by financial institutions are often referred to as multi-factor authentication or MFA). The three types of factors are something you know, something you have and something you are. A good MFA security system should use at least two of the three. So what does that mean? Usernames and passwords are something you know. Most institutions use “something you have” as the second factor. In most cases, the user’s own computer was used. If the computer was unrecognized, the problem became figuring out how to allow a user to verify the computer.

Pass codes help solve that problem. Your own phone or email address are “something you have” and allow you to authenticate using two distinct factors. But let me provide a bit of a warning; you are far better off using a phone number than using an email address. If a criminal has compromised your computer in such a way as to be able capture your username and password, they may also be able to capture your login to your email account. If you use only your phone for pass codes, you increase your level of security dramatically. Though pass codes through email are less secure, we allow them for practical reasons as not everyone has access to a phone when logging in to a new computer.

Tim Grove, vice president of systems development, has been with EECU Credit Union’s information technology team since 1999, and is responsible for the programming and development of EECU’s website as well as all online and mobile services. Tim holds an undergrad degree in marketing from Oklahoma Christian University as well as an MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington, and has served marketing and IT teams at companies including Canon, EDS and Halliburton.

58 thoughts on “Online Banking updates this week

  1. The login app on my android has not changed to the login screen from the website. On the website you have to enter a user ID and then a password. On my phone it is the account number and then the password, but when I try to login on my phone I get a “not valid” message…How do I get the app that works like the website? I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, it wasn’t any different.

    • Hi Vickie! Your login information should be the same across all devices. If you have already chosen a user ID to log in with on a desktop computer, use that same information for your mobile devices. If those credentials aren’t working, give us a call at 817-882-0800 as this may be a different issue. Thanks!

  2. Although I understand the need for better security, it would be helpfull if you made sure the changes worked correctly before you implemented them. The bill pay section has not worked right since the upgrade. When I contact technical support they tell me I have to make sure my computer accepts third party cookies. I have tried eveyway possible and the page still doesn’t work right. There is no place to add another bill. The calendar doesn’t work and it doesn’t populate the payment history on the right side of the page. It just keeps saying that it is loading. Please look into this and get it fixed. Becoming very frustrated……..

    • Hi Stacy, we’re so sorry for this inconvenience! We have not been experiencing issues with our Bill Pay, so we appreciate you describing the problems you’re having. Please give us a call at 817-882-0800 so we can discuss them further and make sure our systems are operating well! Thank you!

  3. To the person answering all the complaints:
    Have YOU actually tried calling the 1-800 number??? It’s very frustrating. I’ve been with EECU since1975 and have relative few complaints until recently. The on-line banking system used to be so simple to navigate, but is becoming increasingly more and more difficult to use. Since I now live at least 90 miles from the nearest EECU branch, ALL my banking must be done on line. If things don’t get better soon, I may be forced to find a bank down here.

  4. After enduring my own issues with the new system, and after reading the many, MANY comments of public complaints here and then reading EECU’s “promises” of how wonderful all these changes are supposed to be, I’m left wondering if the powers that be at EECU have any genuine concern for their patrons at all. Sorry but if I was looking for a new financial institution to join I wouldn’t pick EECU right now. The sad thing is I’ve been banking here for years and have been overall very satisfied with everyone up until the implementation of the impersonal automated phone system that’s as bad or worse than dealing with telephone companies (and we all know the agony of that). And now with the website issues that make it next to impossible even to use at all with all the technical glitches (and according to what I’ve been reading the layout when one does actually get access to their account–which I haven’t been able to do yet.) I’m one who is very dissatisfied, to say the least. P.S. I’m already working through my home branch to resolve the issues and hope that it will be resolved soon. No automated telephone is going to help me better than a real person. Please get a clue. Thanks.

  5. Nowhere on my screen is there a log out button. I now have to close this window without logging out of this system. I’m really frustrated with all the changes. It doesn’t want to let me log in with my account number or my user name. I finally get in take care of business but I can’t log out.

  6. These security updates only make it more convenient for people to steal your information if someone has gained access to your phone, they will be able to certainly access your email and your phone, and with these updates that is all someone would need to steal all of your money, but thanks eecu for making my account easier to access

  7. This is the hardest website I have ever had to work with. Three time it has asked me to reset my password after accepting the prior one… I also tried to open a new account and it has kicked me off twice after I filled out all the forms. . It is very very very frustrating!

  8. I tried to get past the up and down scrolling of the columns that you see upon logging in to compare accounts, balances, dates, available funds, etc., however I’m way past LESS than satisfied.
    Sure the first view is good for JUST a quick view and a launchpad for links/services available, but it’s just awful to me as well as most of my colleagues. We are accustomed to viewing the same (but more) info of our accounts in the old view. Thus, unless we are reading separate articles in a newspaper, I do not want to view different columns aligned next to each other with tools and links to read (it looks like a mini version of MSN or a Yahoo website)! Hence the following:
    1. We want to SEE all our accounts at once in a horizontal view.
    2. We read left to right, so we want THE CHOICE to see ONLY account balances, etc. and NOT all the other links and services available (You know: The less is more theory.)
    We strongly urge you to return the old view option under My Accounts. We thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)         

    • The bill pay section is still not being able to be accessed daily. It seems it only works one day a week. This is a major problem! I have reported this many times and still can’t use it. When will this be resolved? I’m very frustrated!

      • Good Morning Jan! Our Bill Pay service is up and running across all platforms. If you’re having trouble accessing it, this may be because of your cookie settings on the device you’re using. If you have adjusted your third-party cookie settings to allow for Bill Pay to function correctly but are still having trouble, give us a call at 817-882-0800 or email us at with more information about what issues you’re having and we can help out. Thanks!

  9. I can’t access my account online. I updated my user name and now I can’t access on my phone or online. It reads incorrect pin. Please assist.

    • Hi there! Please give us a call at 817-882-0800 so we can look into this and find out what’s causing this issue. Thanks!

  10. You have replaced a working system with a failure. Please stop making excuses for a failed system and go back to a system that works. It wasn”t broken but you tried to fix it.

    • Hi Ron, if you’re having trouble with the new system, please give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we will assist you. While the new system is a bit different and requires some acclamation, it will allow us to comply with changing regulations and provide additional security for our members.

        • Hey Ron, not sure why your comments would’ve been declined. We haven’t seen them come through, and they aren’t appearing in any of our filters. We’re happy to discuss the changes to our systems further with you. If your comments are still not being submitted, feel free to email us at with your contact information and we can have a representative contact you.

          • I was going to say that you have not responded to my contact info but I got kicked out again. Your system continues to fail.
            People will end up going elsewhere.

  11. Also the help number is another way of inflicting mental pain on anyone who is trying to use any of this system

  12. This whole login mess is frustrating, inaccesible, and stupid. Only sadists and computerized torture doctors come up with this kind of inhumane abuse. Matthew J. Sacks

    • Hi Matthew, we’re sorry to hear this transition has not been a smooth one for you. We hope you’ll understand the benefits of the new system, as we feel small inconveniences will be worth the added security.

    • Hey Jan, if you’re still unable to use Bill Pay, give us a call at 817-882-0800. We’re not currently experiencing any problems with Bill Pay, so we’ll need to check and see what might be preventing you from using it. Thanks!

  13. I have done the extra security and have a new username instead of my account number, but when I go to the website and put my info in, it thinks about it and then refreshes to the main sign in page again.

    Can you help


  14. My son and I are not able to access our account via the mobile app. The post here says that our password will not change, but it’s not accepting my password. Any ideas? If there was a big change in mobile access, why was that not communicated?

  15. Trying to get to external transfer. So logged in, Clicked Move Money, then selected External Transfer from the drop down, the page is moved, but the work area is just a blank white space, instead of the expected screen with the transaction selection options similar to the ‘Account Transfer’ screen.

    • Hi Mary! Not sure why the page didn’t load when you arrived. If you’re still experiencing this problem, you might try clearing your cache and seeing if the content loads. Let us know if you’re still having difficulties. Thanks!

    • Hi Laura! When you request an access code, make sure that you click “register this computer” so the system will remember that device. If you’re selecting this and it’s still not remembering, it may be because your browser settings do not allow us to register your device.

  16. I can’t access nt account, says that I keep using wrong password or username. I got it to email me username bur it won’t email me either.

    • Hi Jeremy, give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we can find out what’s going on with your account. Hope to resolve this soon! We apologize for the inconvenience.

  17. I am very very unhappy with this system I called for helpyesterday andstill cannotget the system to work. now to make matters worst i am now locked out

    • Hi Ivory, please give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we can unlock your account and make sure everything is in working order. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  18. Where is history we have a business account and I have to look up checks that have cleared from time to time. Please help.

    • Hi Stacey! From the home page, click on the name of the account under “My Accounts.” This will bring up your transaction history. You can also search for details of a transaction with the “Narrow by items containing” search bar. You can easily find specific transactions by dollar amount, the name of a bill payee or the word “check.”

  19. I tried numerous times yesterday to do mobile banking and it kept saying that it would send a code to my phone and once I replied it would complete the verification. I did this at least 5 times and still was unable to get in. I contacted the phone number and they were unable to assist me. I even uninstalled the app for eecu on my mobile and reinstalled and still had the same issue. I had my husband to try from his phone and still the same issue. How can we get mobile banking to work?

    • Hi Tiffany, we’ll need to look at your account to make sure there are no settings interfering with this. Give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we can walk through the process to find out why it’s not working. Thanks!

  20. My only issue as of yet is for those of us that still may use Microsoft Money Plus for statement exports..

    Do not see an option for that… can you help with this.

    thank you.

    • Hi there! Are you using Money Plus Deluxe Sunset edition? Some of the older versions of Microsoft Money may no longer accept imports. If it does still accept them, select the account you want to see history for and click on the account name from the history screen. Then, click the Export button at the top of the transaction window. Select OFX as the export type, and Windows will download the file, which can be imported into Money. Hope this helps!

  21. Overall so far so good however, when I put my cursor over the tabs once logged in, they all have pull downs menus to choose from except “My Accounts” and “Bill Pay”. What happened to the menu choice under my accounts to be able to select and see the landscape view of all accounts, credit cards, loans, available amounts etc. all at once in a stacked view? All I can get into, with the divided page of the current (two columns “My Accounts” and “Make a Payment” view), is the history of an account. I changed my User name and I have downloaded Google Chrome. Is there another way to get this view that I’m missing or a glitch?

    Thanks EECU!

    • Hi Ana! We believe the format you’re talking about has been removed, although the majority of the options formerly found in those drop down menus have been moved to another menu item. All of the information on the screen you’re referring to can be found on the My Accounts home page; it will just look a little different.

    • Although the other tools are great, I find that navigating through each and every history page just to be able to see balance versus available balances on the next screen for each account type, each and every cd loan, etc. Couple this with not seeing your credit card due dates, minimum payments, available balance without having to go to Town North’s website is too time consuming.

      Before with one click you could see everything. This is the only feature that is not a time saver nor as user friendly as the old version.

      I hope you will take another look at this and reconsider returning this alternate view.

      • Thanks for that feedback! We’ll certainly keep that in mind. The decision to remove it was on the part of our development company, so we’ll pass your suggestion along to them. We hope you enjoy the other features in the new system!

    • The other tools/tabs/menus are really great, but having to navigate through each history page or tab or menu option just to see available balances vs. total balances and due dates for each account type, CDs, CD loans, loans, credit cards etc., well, it’s a bit frustrating when you are in a hurry. You can’t see your credit card due dates, minimum payments due, available balances at glance at the same time either without having to go to Town North’s website through the “pay” link for each card.

      These changes under the “My Account” tab are significant.

      I loved work everything from just one page and seeing everything at once in order to see what was due first, and what’s available for to me to use, without flipping back and forth. This is the only feature that is neither “visually” user friendly nor a timesaver as your last version for the “My Account” tab.

      I truly hope the EECU will reconsider adding this feature back into the upgraded format, for those of us who want a landscape, stacked overview of all our accounts, all at once, without a split, side-by-side column view which only displays the account balances next to the Make a Payment, Purchase Rewards, and View My Spending links.

      Thank you for your time –

  22. I know it’s a matter of semantics or lack of knowing the English language : Quote “But let me provide a bit of a warning: You are far better off you using a phone number as the second factor than you are using an email address”!.This is/was a business that grew from an educational system. The people writing statements are not using complete sentences, this scare me!! Does anyone know English grammar or vocabulary and how to use them!! This is like someone “Educated” using the word “Irregardless”, it does not exist in the “English” language!!!

    • I didn’t mean to be harsh, my Mother Majored in English and Minored in Foreign languages. I hope the new securities work well for me, I’ve been a member since my 16th birthday. Everyone hates change!!!

      • Thanks for pointing out that oversight! We’ve corrected that sentence to make it more clear. We anticipate the changes will work well, but please give us a call at 817-882-0800 if you experience any trouble, as we want to make sure our members’ online experiences are top-notch.

  23. I’m happy with the way thing are now on my account please don’t change anything , I wont be able to remember it.

    • Hi there! We know changes like this can be inconvenient, but rest assured knowing your experience will be even more secure as a result. These changes will eventually be implemented for all financial institutions that offer Online Banking, so we hope this will give you a little extra time to adjust for any other accounts you may have.

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