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  1. I wasted 2 days and 4 different attempts to fill out the car loan application and each time it would kick me off before I could finish the forms. The session time expires too soon into the process of the application. I went into EECU lobby requesting a hard copy, but was told it has to be done on line by me or a Loan rep. Valuable time is now lost and I am tempted to go elsewhere for a loan. After all that, the last screen before I was kicked off the final time stated that I did not prequalify, so now I must wait for a rep to call me by phone.

    • Hi Donna, we’re so sorry to hear that. We do our best to make the application process easy, but timeouts can occur for security purposes. We hope that we’re able to help you more efficiently when one of our lending representatives contacts you.

  2. I’m missing the abiliity to view all accounts, credit cards, loans, and so forth all at once. I do not like jumping in/out of windows to see everything I need to see.

    My wife, my sons, and I do not like losing these options. At least give us the “view the old page” option like you did for the last version under the tab.

    • We agree with you ! We share links to each other’s accounts in our family, so it’s aggravating not being able to view all components on one screen that matter more to us. Hope they reconsider that option –

    • Hi there! If you click “Options” to the right of the payee, you will be presented with the option to “View History.” This should give you access to your transaction history with the payee.

  3. Ok, so I just changed my username. However, after I logged off and tried to log back on, I get an error code. Now I can’t access my accounts. yikes !!

    • I was able to sign on today and access my account. I guess it just took some time to “kick in”. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Lori! So sorry for that brief inconvenience, but we’re glad you were able to log in and access your accounts. We hope you’ll enjoy the upgrades to Online Banking!

  4. I have one other question. Thank’s for your response to my earlier question. I was on a military provided (MWR) computer recently and was told I must upgrade to Windows 8. Windows 7 will no longer be supported. I have no control over the browser that’s used at the Military facility. None. Nada. They do not allow Firefox or Chrome. Does that mean I will not be able to use the Military provided computers, if they don’t choose to upgrade? I do not see this message when on my personal computer, with Windows 7. Will I HAVE to upgrade to Windows 8 too? Thanks.

    • Hey Bill! You should still be able to use Internet Explorer to access Online Banking with Windows 8, but let us know if you’re having trouble so we can make sure our platform is compatible with all the appropriate systems.

  5. I am a civilian contractor deployed overseas with the US Military. My cell phone service is terrible as well as it’s an international number and I frequently change SIM cards, hence the number. I do not wish to use the cell phone option and am not near the landline phone listed on my account. Additionally, I am rarely in the US. Can I ONLY use the email verification process when logging in online? Thanks!

    • Hi Bill! Yes, you can verify your log in credentials via email only. We simply recommend mobile for those who are able because it’s slightly more secure than email. Thanks for your question and for your service to our country!

  6. I can understand the need for more security but I have a question. Why must I have to down load another app to get info on my account? I do not wish to clutter up my unit with multiple search apps just to perform a search of my account. This to me sounds like overkill or maybe a money deal to get us to use these apps for reach our accounts.

    • Hi Brenda! We only have one mobile app which should give you access to your account information. Ours has our logo in the icon; any other similarly named apps will not give you access to your EECU accounts. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll be happy to help!

  7. I have to confirm my pc EVERY time I log in. I am not changing and repeatedly ask to not have to go through this step. But I do. Am I to understand I would not have to do that under the new system?

    • Hi Nancy! This may be caused by your browser’s cookie settings. If you are not allowing cookies, your browser will not remember our Online Banking system. If you change your settings to allow cookies or add eecu.org as an exception, and you’re still asked to retrieve a code, give our member contact center a call at 817-882-0800 and we will check to see if there’s anything else we can do to prevent this.

  8. This sounds like Sestus Virtual token and for everyone worried I can confirm that its a great system. I hate to say it, but this is the way of the future and dual layer authentication is being enforced by all the top goverment agencies now, ie FINRA and others. I would get used to it, as every bank will eventually be this way!

    It doesn’t specifically say, but it would be helpful to know. Are you allowing the virtual token to remember your PC? IE, users should only have to do this if they register new computers? You will have a lot of unhappy campers if they are forced to get the text/email every single time.


    • Hi Blake! Yes, members will be able to remember their personal devices so you won’t have to receive a verification code each time you log in. We would like to remind everyone, however, that remembering a public computer may increase the risk of an unwanted person logging in.

  9. Please review slide number 8. There is a mistake on the first sentence. One of the things I look at if the site is the real site is the correctness of the messages. There is an extra word in it.

    • The multi-layer authentication can still be accomplished through the security questions. I don’t want EECU to have my cell phone number: 1) There is no legitimate reason for you to have it. 2) If your system is hacked, AGAIN, then that’s just one more piece of MY identifying information for a criminal to have and use.
      This is just another attempt for a business to obtain information that I don’t want to give out & that you isn’t necessary for us to be able to conduct business. What alternative is EECU offering to customers that refuse to divulge their phone number?

      • Hi Marcia! The questions still work now, but will be replaced when this update is made. If you’re not comfortable providing your cell phone number, or for members who don’t have a cell phone, you can receive your verification code via email.

        • Thank you for your response.
          So, anyway that you look at it, I log in – wait for EECU to contact me back – find my verification code – and then go back in to EECU to enter my verification code. This requires that I have two applications (EECU & email acct) open and/or two devices (computer & phone) running. And assumes that the EECU system AND my verification mode are BOTH working properly, at the same time. Current system – 2 steps (and the only thing that has to be working is the EECU system) vs 4 steps (IF everything is working properly, at the same time) I can’t possibly be the only customer unhappy with this or the only one shopping around for another Credit Union.

          • We realize this may be a convenience for our members; however, we ask that you keep in mind this is being put in place not only as a regulation required of all financial institutions that offer Online Banking, but as a security measure. These changes reduce the opportunity for unwanted people logging in to your account and making transactions or taking information they shouldn’t have. We appreciate your patience as we make this adjustment and hope you’ll find that the changes are beneficial.

          • Marcia,
            Two-factor authentication (password + something else) is necessary these days. If you haven’t heard of all the things being hacked then read up. TFA is an extra layer of security for your bank information. You say you’re shopping around because you don’t like extra security. Well, get used to it. All banks will inevitably have this extra step. If you really think about it, a few extra steps to log into our money-stash is not a big deal. In fact, EECU should be appreciated for spending the money to keep our accounts safer. We live in a dangerous world where 14 year-olds can hack people’s accounts and groups of hackers can bring down entire systems while stealing credit card info.
            So, please, lighten up a little and have a drink.

  10. How will this verification work for a husband and wife with a joint account. If we have the verification sent to the husband’s phone and my wife wants to log in from her phone what I’m not present how will she be able to accomplish that?


    • Hi Allen! Good question. You can register multiple phone numbers in Online Banking and choose which phone or email address should receive a verification code when logging in. In addition, for devices that you and your wife use, you can choose to only receive a verification code once and remember them for additional logins. For devices that may be used by others (such as a library computer), it’s best to require a verification code each time you use them for security.

  11. When I log in , there is not an option for changing user login. The only option is to enter account number and password.

    • Hi Pauline! If you click on “User Options” in the upper right corner of Online Banking and then select “Change Account Number” from the links available, you should be able to enter a new username. If you have any trouble, give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll be happy to walk through the steps with you.

  12. With the new changes of using a username versus account number, auto-syncing accounts in Quicken 2013 no longer works. Are you going to require members to manually download .qfx files after September in order to update Quicken?

    • Hi Phil! There isn’t a way in Quicken to change the account number to a username, but this issue can be fixed by setting up new account information without losing any data. Go to the Online Services option for the account in question. To do that, right click on the account in the list of accounts on the left side of the page and select “edit/delete account.” A box will pop up with three tabs. Go to the middle tab labeled “Online Service.” From there, click on the “Deactivate” button. This will deactivate one-step update on the account. Once you do that, you can go back into the account and re-activate one-step update, at which point you will be prompted for your username and password and can set up the account again with your new username. We hope this helps!

  13. Is it possible to use the user name on multiple accounts or do you have to use a different one for each account. I would love to put in one user name & have access to all accounts on one page…..I’m sure I’m dreaming!

    • Hi Judy! Any of your EECU checking accounts, savings accounts and loans should be visible when you log in. Unfortunately, if you have accounts under different names, you will need separate usernames, but if you visit the FinanceWorks tab in Online Banking, you can actually pull in information from all your accounts at any financial institution to keep track of all of them.

    • I do not have a cell phone or any other portable media where I may receive a text confirmation. Will Email confirmation like we have now still be an option? If now How do I access without a cell phone.

      • Hi Darryl! If you don’t have a cell phone, you can add your home phone number to your account to have an automated voice call with an access code. You can also use your email address to receive your code if that’s more convenient. If you need assistance setting up the most convenient information, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll be happy to walk you through it!

        • That is not helpful when on premise at the EECU. When the charges for monthly statements were implemented, I was advised that I could print at the terminal provided in the lobby. Okay, except that I cannot access my email, since external web used is denied. I don’t have cellular, and my home phone is, well, at home. Janet pointed out the challenge questions back when the statement fee was implemented. The exterior ATM is problematic if one is not in an auto, but there’s the 711 on Summit as plan B. What to do about the online banking onsite?

          I will say that no longer having a member enter an account number is an excellent thing, given keystroke loggers and other such recording devices. I always kinda wondered about the prudence of such a method, but had to run on faith. Converting as a user is only a brief inconvenience, assuming no glitches occur in the process (I haven’t undertaken the task as yet). But the secondary security behind the password is problematic. I appreciate it since one’s money is at stake. I always thought the old system that allowed authentication of the in-house terminals was kinda scary. But now I am running into a wall with the more secure protocols. The telephone customer service agent wasn’t particularly helpful. I repeatedly explained my quandry to no avail. (FYI – the customer service people are nice, but I have always had to escalate my calls, since they don’t seem equipped to handle more than the basics. Perhaps advanced traning would be helpful as more and more changes are implemented. They can’t know everything, but cookie cutter responses don’t cut it).

          Your consideration and assistance is appreciated.

          • Hi there! We understand your predicament, and are currently looking into alternatives for your unique situation. It’s certainly important to us that you have access to your account statements, and we will be in touch as soon as we determine the best option for you to retrieve them securely. We appreciate your feedback!

  14. I just want to commend whomever is responding to these customer comments. I understand that some people have legitimate issues, and some simply do not handle change well. I have dealt with the public at previous jobs, and know it can be daunting at best. Please take comfort in the fact you are doing an outstanding job; and someone noticed!
    No reply expected. Have a nice day. Tina

    • Thanks so much Tina! Change isn’t always easy, but we hope our responses ease the stress a bit for some of our members. 🙂

      • I just wanted to chime in and say that you really do carry professionalism, tact, and patience in all of the responses. Ignore the weak, they’re limited in vocabulary and expressing frustration in a civil manner and difficult for them apparently! Keep up the good work!

        • Thanks, Iris! Our main goal is to keep everyone in the know when it comes to changes, and questions from members certainly help us to communicate updates more effectively.


    • Hi Robert! Once you’ve logged in to Online Banking, there will be a row of links in the upper right side of the page above where it says “Welcome to Online Banking.” Click on “User Options” and this should take you to a list of links. Select “Change Account Number.” This will not change the actual account number associated with your account, but will allow you to switch your login information from your account number to a username. If you’re still unable to get to this page, please give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll be happy to help out!

  16. Thank you for protecting our information with the changes. I do not like having to change login information but if it is for my protection, then I am more than willing. I love the online banking experience I have had with EECU. I don’t know what could be any easier. Thanks for the heads up.

    • You’re so welcome! So glad to hear you’re enjoying Online Banking, and we appreciate you making this update!

  17. At this time in our country’s history, I for one am VERY SUSPICIOUS of any Federal Regulations which require additional means of any federal system, i.e. the IRS, gaining info about my banking methods and identification!
    The last EECU attempt to improve your system’s SECURITY
    completely wiped out my personal system and required a new computer; which you are still recommending to your customers?

      • Comments to blog posts must be approved by someone on our social media team before they’re published. We just want to make sure there is no personal information such as account numbers included that shouldn’t be seen by the public.

    • Hi David! This update does not change the way financial institutions provide information to federal agencies. It will simply allow verification of identity through more than one piece of information, rather than just a password, which can be lost or misplaced. We’re unaware of any updates that have affected personal computers, as our Online Banking software is not downloaded directly to your computer, so if you’re experiencing problems with it, please give us a call at 817-882-0800 so we can make sure there are no problems with it.

  18. Will this same username also automatically work as the login from my smartphone using the EECU Android app?

    • Hi Kevin! Yes, once you change it in Online Banking, use your new username on the Web version and smartphone apps.

  19. I appreciate EECU staying up to date on the recent legislative changes that help protect our deposits and personal information. Sometimes providing the best account security is not the most convenient way, but I am thankful for the heads up on the change. If you do much online banking and bill paying this is not uncommon to have this type of authentication process.

    • Thank you so much Debbie! Member security and convenience are among our top priorities, and we appreciate your kind words!

  20. Can you please tell us what “Federal Regulations” you are referring to?
    Today, companies hide behind these “Federal Regulations” just to extract more info from a/c holders and they don’t even care to mention these “Federal Regulations”.

    Would be glad to know these “Federal Regulations”

    • Hi Walter! This particular change stems from the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council’s (FFIEC) requirement that financial institutions implement multi-factor authentication in Online Banking credentials. In short, this means each account needs multiple ways to verify someone’s identity when they log in. One of the ways is, of course, a username and password. The other is an access code sent to either a cell phone, land line or email address. We hope this clears things up a little. We realize that with financial institutions, which are heavily regulated by numerous governing bodies, it’s often difficult to see the value in changes such as this.

  21. These new changes are horrible. Why am I forced to pick a username with six letters. None of my other user names at ANY website requires this. I am not happy, and I would bet I am not the only one. EECU better get it’s act together. I think you are risking losing customers to other credit unions because of stupid policies. Now, send me a patronizing “Sorry for the inconvienience” reply like every other complaint on here.

    • Hi Scott! We understand that this process can be frustrating; however, please keep in mind that transitioning from an account number to a username is meant to make your Online Banking experience more secure. This change has been prompted by regulating bodies that determine security measures for financial institutions, so these changes will eventually be required by many other banks and credit unions, but we find that the transition is easier when we provide as much information as we can early on. Please rest assured knowing that changes like these always take our members’ best interest to heart.

  22. As long as your making changes to onlline banking, I would like to request another change. In the Options menu, one can change the “History” sort order from Ascending to Descending. Could you please allow us to change the default number of days to display? The website always defaults to “10 days”. Please either allow us to change the default to 30 days or just make it the default to begin with. I know some accounts that have 30 transactions per day might make since with a 10 day history. But most of my families accounts display less than five transactions for the last 10 days or none at all. Also, when changing from my account number to a username, you are asking us to “select a new account name” instead of a “New Login” or “New Username”. This is confusing and made me think it was for adding a second account number to my existing online account. I don’t want to add a new account name.

    • Hi Steve! These are great suggestions, and we’ll keep them in mind as we continue to work with our Online Banking developer to provide a great online experience. Some of these requests may take time and discussion before they can be implemented, but know that we hear you loud and clear, and will certainly take these thoughts into consideration. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Hi Janie! This blog post refers to the way you log in and receive information about Online Banking. When you log in to Online Banking through eecu.org, you can choose a username to enter instead of typing in your account number. Then, for security purposes, you can add your cell phone, home phone or email address to your account settings so that Online Banking can verify that you are attempting to log in and not someone else. If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to give us a call at 817-882-0800. Thanks!

  23. I do not have an alternate number. I do not own a cell phone.
    So does this mean, I will not be able to do online banking?
    I need answers immediately. I will have to change to a different bank.
    I have had nothing but problems with logging on to EECU, ever since we have had an account there.
    Now you are making more changes and it doesn’t look favorable, for me to be able to log on at all.

    • Hi Karen! We apologize for any inconvenience you’ve experienced signing up for Online Banking. If you give us a call at 817-882-0800, we’ll be happy to help you through the process and make sure everything is in working order. You do not have to have a cell phone in order to use Online Banking; however, federal regulations will still require additional security measures like those explained here. Instead of having an access code text messaged to you, you can have it emailed to you or have an automated voice call sent to your home phone number. If you have any questions about this process, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re always happy to help.

      • With dial-up ISP, your other options will not work either. The way you system is set up, according to Jamille and Scott, I am not able to enter a code into the separate screen that pops up when the code is sent to me. Every time, before I am able to access online banking, I must change internet options. I only have to do this for EECU and then I change the settings back to original settings to access all of my other accounts. I just do not understand, why EECU has to make things so difficult. EECU’s Telephone Banking is even worse and very confusing. I am wondering why all of my biller sites and my credit card accounts do not require all of the extra security measures? EECU is the only business I deal with, that requires this. EECU is also the only business, where I must make changes to my internet option settings.

        • Hi Karen, we’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing some inconveniences with Online Banking. Settings may be different for every computer and for every website, so it’s often difficult to find the perfect setting for all the websites you visit. Please be assured that we do everything we can to make our Online Banking easy to use, and your input will be considered as we continue to improve our digital offerings. We appreciate your feedback!

  24. will this new program allow for makng deposits by sending digital image of checks? Doyou need a HTML acct?

    • Hi Patty! Actually, we already offer mobile and online check deposit. You can select “E-Deposit” from the Account Access menu to scan a photo of a check. Or in the mobile app, select “Deposit Checks” from the main menu to snap a picture and have funds deposited into the account of your choice. These services are available to all members who have an Online Banking account and our smartphone apps.

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