Fort Worth Telco Members: Welcome to the family!

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Beginning this week, EECU Credit Union is welcoming around 5,000 new members to the family following the completion of a merger with Fort Worth Telco Credit Union. We are very excited to begin serving you with financial products and services to help you reach your goals.

To kick things off, check out these resources to make the most of your EECU membership:

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If you’re a new member, we’re eager to answer your questions, so give our member contact center a call at 817-882-0800 or stop by your nearest branch today and meet our team!

41 thoughts on “Fort Worth Telco Members: Welcome to the family!

  1. I am a former Telco member. I used my credit/debit card for the first time without using a pin at a local business, total charge $38.00 and had no problem. Went to grocery store, bill was $ 61.00, and it rejected card and I had to use another credit card to pay. When I called and talked Vironica, she informed me that due to fraud problems in the past, at “certain stores” ,you HAVE to use your pin, if the transaction is $50.00 or more or your card will be declined. Would have been nice to include this information when they sent the new credit/debit card and that way you are not embarrassed in the store when your card is rejected and you KNOW that the funds are in your account. I spoke to a supervisor about sharing this information with other ex-Telco members, since we did not have these restrictions on the old cards. Have not seen anything to that effect !!!

    • Hi there! We apologize for this inconvenience. When it comes to fraud, financial institutions are forced to constantly evaluate the measures in place to protect consumers. Because transaction restrictions change frequently as new trends in fraud arise, it is difficult to communicate these changes without laying out a roadmap for fraudsters to work around restrictions. It may be helpful to remember that a PIN transaction will be more secure than a signature transaction. Some establishments may automatically run a card as a credit transaction, but if for some reason the transaction is declined, request that it be run as a debit transaction. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and hope you are enjoying the new features that have come with your EECU membership.

    • My situation was very similar to M Garrett. Former Telco member, I hadn’t seen anything about this policy, but was told about it after I called EECU. Granted, my transaction was a little higher (around $150), but the same result—EMBARRASSMENT! Welcome to EECU

      • We’re so sorry about the inconvenience. We will be sure to communicate changes like this one more clearly in the future to help prevent this type of situation, and we appreciate your input.

  2. When I added Community Credit Union to my bill pay, it asked for a zip code but no address. With AT&T Uverse, it did not even ask for a zip code. How can I verify that the that the payment is going to the correct address.

    • Hi Bennie! Because our Online Banking developer has relationships with companies across the globe, it will only ask for the information needed to correctly set up the payment. And because some vendors accept payments electronically (like U-verse), there is actually no address needed because it will be a digital transfer. In the case of Community Credit Union, there are likely multiple companies with that name, so a ZIP code was needed to determine which one is the correct one. If the correct information isn’t verified by Online Banking, you will see a message asking for more information.

  3. OMG!! After reading several negative post, I had considered closing my account with EECU. I too had tried to set-up my on-line account and received a message to the effect of “it’s being processed.” Setting up the on-line account is definitely not like other financial institutions. You’re not given the option to set up your password, security questions, how or when your account would be accessible to you.

    I decided to call the 817-882-0800 number as listed on the EECU website for assistance. I spoke with Ucil a Customer Service Representative, who was extremely courteous and helpful in assisting me with the process of setting up my on-line banking account. Not only did he help me with the set-up, he also answered all my questions, and eased my concerns and doubts I had about EEUC.

    It’s employees like Ucil that makes a difference in a company and customer satisfaction…

    Thankyou Ucil for all your help!!!!

    • Thanks so much for passing this along, Christina! We’re very glad to hear Uziel was able to assist you and we hope you’re enjoying your account access. We’ll be sure to pass along your appreciation to him!

  4. Don’t bother with trying to register/login on EECU’s website or try to set up online banking. Will not work, just go ahead and call them and have them do it for you. So much with the promise of an easy transition they stated on the letters they sent out….

    • We’re sorry to hear your Online Banking sign up wasn’t easy, but glad to hear our member contact center was able to help. We hope you’ll continue to bear with us through any differences in our systems, as we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the services we’re able to offer our new members.

  5. I called in for help with getting a login and to discuss new checks after receiving the paltry number of starter EECU checks. These checks did not have the correct address for me nor did they have my wife’s name on them. After being put on hold for a couple of minutes the clerk advised me that I would have to order and pay for additional checks. When I challenged her with the fact that I had 200 Telco CU checks that would just have to be destroyed and then pay for new EECU checks the clerk stated something to the effect that we (Telco CU members) were coming over because Telco CU was going insolvent anyway and we would just have to get used to the EECU way.

    It was at this point that I felt like I was not appreciated or really wanted at EECU. I was not privy to the reason we were being transferred to EECU nor did I care. I just expected good and personal service. I told the clerk that I would most likely be closing my account and asked if I could close it on line and she said I would have to come in to one of the branches.

    So, I have now completed changing all my electronic deposits and electronic bill payments from Telco CU to another local bank.

    Once I verify that all my electronic transfers are working with my bank then, EECU I will be gone and out of your hair probably by the end of June.

    So long EECU…………


    • Hi Ken, we’re so sorry to hear about this. We’re going to have one of our member contact center managers give you a call this morning to find out more and see if there’s anything we can do to help. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention, and we hope you’ll consider keeping your EECU membership.

      • Thanks for reaching out to me both by leaving a VM and by sending me an email.

        I just want to publically acknowledge that EECU did try to resolve my concerns. but by then it was already too late as I had started moving money around in preparation to close the EECU account. But, I do appreciate the effort. Two things could have kept me with EECU:
        1. Your email talked about offering members a box of 120 checks at no charge when the starter checks that were sent were incorrect. Had this been offered to me by the lady that I talked too I would have accepted and would not be closing the account. While I was on the phone with her I specifically asked her why I had to pay for additional checks and that was the reason she put me on hold was to consult with someone else who evidently told her that I would have to pay for new checks. But the real deal sealer for me was just the general attitude toward me. Yes, once I was told that I would have to pay for additional checks I was a little worked up but certainly not abusive or rude. Once I told her that I would most likely be closing my EECU accounts she was not abusive or rude either but what I perceived was just an attitude of indifference toward my concerns and my closing of the EECU accounts.

        I am sure that EECU is a fine financial institution but based on the service I have been receiving at my local bank EECU is just not for me.

        Thanks again for reaching out to me.


        • Hi Ken, we appreciate your response, and would like to apologize to you again for this experience. We truly strive as a credit union to provide excellent service to each member, and your experience does not reflect our mission. We will continue to work toward this goal and we thank you for bringing this to our attention. We hope you will keep us in mind for any future financial needs you have, as we’re confident that this was not indicative of our standards. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you!

  6. I make payment with Bill Pay thru my bank. What is the proper payee name and proper mailing address, so my bank will be able to send?

    • Hi Tommy! Here is the proper payee information for us:

      PO Box 1777
      Fort Worth, TX 76101-1777

      Let us know if you have any additional questions!

  7. The “Over 65 Years of Age” Checking option, with special perks, is not automatic and must be specifically requested.
    Former TELCO members, be sure to investigate this option if you are 65 years old and request it.
    Do not assume you are automatically enrolled because of your age.
    Alos, be prepared to WAIT if you go to the Hulen Branch of ?EECU. THOSE FOLKS ARE SLOW!!!

    • Hi there! The “65 and Better” checking package should be automatically added to accounts, and was added to Telco accounts on Tuesday (June 4). If for some reason it wasn’t automatically added, it may be because we have an incorrect birthday on an account, so just give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll be happy to update.

  8. I called in to the 882-0800 today, with an Account number question. I was very disappointed that a “real person” like FtWorth Teleco had, didnt answer. Instead I had to deal with a automated call tree and it only took 7 tries to 0 out to a real person. You know I stopped doing business with large Banks partially for that very reason. When I call a local business I would expect to get a live person answering the phone. Not a automated call tree, like I am calling overseas. Using an automated call tree is not is not personable or warm. If I were rating my phone call experience, based on that It would rate it a 2 on a scale of 1-10. One being the lowest. Thank you

    • Genean, we’re so sorry to hear your experience wasn’t satisfactory. Due to the volume of calls we receive, we do employ a phone tree to make sure member calls are directed to the correct person to help them and have found that this prevents confusion. We hope you’ll find that once your call is received by the correct person, we’re committed to helping you with any issues you have and answering any questions.

  9. I need to know EECU routing number. I am a new member transferred from Fort Worth Telco Credit Union. Is it the same as Fort Worth Telco Credit Union?
    Deborah Minter

  10. i am extremely unhappy about the history of my account not being transferred over. I am no longer able to see what has transpired with various current loans or money accounts. I understand that i can have paper transactions sent to me, but if i wanted that, then i would just refer to old statements. I want the convenience of my history on my online account. I am so upset that I am ready to close my account, which i have had with Ft. Worth Telco for 30 years.

    Not a happy customer at all!!!!

    • Hi Victoria! We apologize for the inconvenience with your account history. While there were a few differences between EECU and Fort Worth Telco’s systems that limited what information we could transfer over, we hope you’ll be very satisfied with the outcome. As you begin using your EECU account, you’ll notice that you will be able to look back further than you did with your Fort Worth Telco account. We hope our member contact center was able to clear up these issues for you yesterday, and are looking forward to serving you in every way we can. Thanks!

  11. I signed up for online banking yesterday and it said it was being processed, but I have not received a password to log in?

    • Hi Jessica! If you still haven’t received this information, give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll make sure your sign up is successful and you can access your accounts. Thanks!

  12. making a payment using new debit card I was asked for zip code on statement – after several tries I used 7****. That is incorrect zip code should be 7****. Thank you for your great service!

    • Hi there! We have passed this request along to our member contact center, so you should be hearing from them soon, if you haven’t already, to update your account information. Thanks!

  13. Do you have a Toll Free # like Fort Worth Telco had for their members to check balances and transactions?

    • Hi Alice! Yes, you can access telephone banking by calling our regular member contact center number (817-882-0800) or our toll-free number (1-800-333-9934). Once you hear your options, select “Telephone Banking.”

  14. Does the system send out a confirmation email with a password to the account. I completed the online banking registration, but no option for my user name or password. Is there a delay in receiving this information.

    • Hi Cedric! You should’ve received a confirmation email after signing up. If you still haven’t received one, please give us a call at 817-882-0800 so we can make sure we have the correct email address on file and that there were no errors in the sign up process. Thanks!

  15. Tried to sign up for online banking to use app, but it was confusing and then after filling out it didn’t work. I hope tat this is not a sign of things to come!

    • Hi Bob, we apologize for the inconvenience. If you are still having trouble signing up and accessing your accounts through Online Banking and the mobile app, please give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll help make sure everything is in working order. We strive to create products that are easy to use and make money management easy, and we hope that once you begin using these, you’ll find them very helpful.

  16. In the process of setting up my account, a pop-up window opened and asked if I wanted to add an extra security for on-line banking from Trusteer. Is this a valid offer? I don’t want a 3rd party offering me something EECU does not know about. Thanks.

    • Hi Anita! Give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll help you out with this info. This number refers to one that is in our system, and may be different for each member.

  17. i am getting an error when i try to setup my account the error # is1036. We are unable to process your request at this time. Please review the instructions on the sign on page. If you still need help contact us for further assistance.
    when i try to access the sign on again it says i already have a session running.

    • Hi Terri! We apologize for the inconvenience. Try logging in without the zeroes at the beginning of your account number (just the last six digits), and if it says you already have a session running, try closing your browser and opening it again. If it still says you have a session running, you may need to try clearing your cookies. Hope this helps!

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