Calling all youth! Get paid to learn about personal finances!

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Looking for a way to help your kids or grand kids begin learning about money and personal finances? What if they could get paid to learn? As part of our efforts to help educate our young members and local youth, EECU partners with Googolplex, an effort of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), to help students learn the fundamentals of money management through fun, interactive materials, and they’re looking to hire youth for the upcoming school year.


Googolplex is seeking responsible young people with diverse backgrounds for 12 paid positions on its youth editorial board. No travel is necessary—applicants are welcome from all over the country.

Board membership requires a one-year commitment, starting in June, 2013. Payment is based on age level, and openings are available in three age brackets for the 2013-2014 school year:

Youth who are a part of the Googolplex editorial board gain numerous benefits, including payment, experience writing and evaluating consumer-related articles, and opportunities to play credit union-friendly online games. It’s a fantastic way for kids to learn about money while also having fun.

If a young person you know is interested in a position, or would like more information, have them contact Laurel Purves, Googolplex youth editorial board liaison by March 8, 2013.


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11 thoughts on “Calling all youth! Get paid to learn about personal finances!

  1. My grand kids live out of town, do they have to live locally to be involved in the program? If not please reply.

    • Hey Silas! No, they don’t have to live in DFW. CUNA is a national organization, so the programs are open to youth across the U.S.

  2. Would you send me or let me know where I can get an application for my 6th grade grandson? We talked and he’s interested in learning and exploring about the importance of money management. This is a wonderful idea. Children are never too young to learn the “value of a dollar.”

  3. What about something for us college undergrads? Some of us bank with EECU too ya know. I really wish you guys would include us more whenever you’re promoting these kind of programs (i.e. scholarships/grants, and this kind of thing).

    • Hi Patricia! We haven’t seen the actual applications for these positions, so we’re not entirely sure what will be required. For an application, email and let her know what grade your grand child is in.

  4. I think that this would be awesome for my teenage son who is a junior, we are thinking of opening his first checking account soon,

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