Donate your gently used cell phones and give a soldier the chance to call home

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Did you know the average American gets a new cell phone every two years? If you’re like most people, you probably have one or two devices sitting around not being used. Now through April 10, EECU would like to take your extra cell phones off your hands and put them to good use.

Cell Phones for Soldiers

Through a partnership with Cell Phones for Soldiers, your unused cell phone can be turned into a direct line home for an overseas soldier. Cell Phones for Soldiers is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing cost-free communication services to active military members and veterans. Through generous donations, the organization has provided more than 181 million minutes of free talk time through more than 10.8 million recycled cell phones. For an overseas soldier, that time is extremely valuable.

Before you bring your device in, follow these simple steps:

  1. Terminate service to the advice by contacting your wireless carrier.
  2. Clear the phone’s memory of contacts and other stored information. If you need help doing this, click here for instructions.
  3. Remove your phone’s SIM card if it has one. For assistance, or to find out if your phone uses a SIM card, contact your wireless carrier.

If you or anyone you know has unused devices you would like to donate to this cause, bring them by any of EECU’s convenient branches through April 10, and give one of our soldiers the chance to call home.

4 thoughts on “Donate your gently used cell phones and give a soldier the chance to call home

  1. So many years aga, during my 6 deployments to Viet Nam, our only contact with home was snail-mail letters, which often took weeks to reach us. This is one of the most thoughtful uses of all of my old phones I’ve ever encountered. Having the opportunity to bring a little immediate comfort to some other folks in uniform is extremely gratifying, and I’m certain it is truly welcomed. EECU, MY CREDIT UNION! Thanks for doing this! It actually makes me proud to simply be a member of such an incredibly and personally-involved organization. Thank-you — for helping our uniformed heroes!

    • Hi John! Thank you so much for your kind words! We appreciate every sacrifice that you and other troops, past and present, make to make this country a better place. Thank you so much for participating in this cell phone donation program and your service to our country; we can’t wait to get these phones in the hands of deserving soldiers!

  2. Ihave an old cingular motorola cell phone with a new card in it but no minutes. Every thing has been removed but it will still turn on and is fully charged. I also have the charger and the manuels. Please advise if this is something that you can use for our Military

    • Hi Elinor! Yes, you can absolutely donate this phone. Although the program prefers newer models to refurbish and reuse, older phones can be recycled by the program to raise funds to buy minutes for the soldiers it serves.

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