Upgrade to EECU’s new mobile app today!

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Current apps will be deactivated January 15!

We’ve made some upgrades to our mobile offerings to bring you new applications for iPhone and Android devices, and a brand new app for iPad!

In order to take advantage of the new features and continue accessing your EECU accounts anywhere and everywhere, search for “EECU Mobile Banking” in Apple’s App Store or Google Play and download our new app today!

In addition to functionality for iPad users, all versions of EECU’s Mobile Banking app will work more smoothly with each device to make navigation simpler and account management easier.

EECU’s smartphone apps allow members to access and manage accounts anywhere, anytime.

  • Access Accounts
  • Transfer Funds Between Accounts
  • Pay Bills
  • Deposit Checks
  • Find Branches and ATMs

For smartphone users who don’t have an Apple or Android device, you can access many of the features you enjoy in Online Banking by visiting m.eecu.org on your mobile Web browser and logging in with your Online Banking credentials.

Be sure and download EECU’s new app in order to continue accessing your accounts!

108 thoughts on “Upgrade to EECU’s new mobile app today!

  1. Downloaded the app on my new iphone. logged in for the first time. It wants to call me to confirm. Fine, it calls me, i press 1. it says thank you and please go back to app. I go back to app and its stuck on “calling” and never changes. I back out and have to call confirm all over again, again stuck on “calling”. what gives?

    • Hi Rob! Not sure what may be causing this. Give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll see if we can find out what might be going wrong. We apologize for the inconvenience!

  2. I just got a new windows phone and I’m sad to see that there’s no EECU app that I can download. EECU needs to make the app available for windows phone owners.

    • Hi Jennifer! At this time, we don’t have plans to develop a Windows mobile app because the number of Windows devices in our membership hasn’t outweighed the cost to develop it. You can still access mobile banking with many of the same features as our smartphone apps by visiting m.eecu.org in your mobile browser.

    • Hi Rachel! There may have been an interruption or some other network error while you were downloading it. Try deleting the app and downloading again, or turn your phone off and on again to see if it works. Thanks!

  3. The new upgrade for the mobile app on my iPhone is asking for my cell phone number for security requirements and I am not willing to give that info out. Is there a way around this to use the app?

    • Yes, Stephanie. While a phone number is the most secure way to verify your identity, you can receive a pass code through a voice call on a landline phone or you can receive one through email.

  4. When you make a check deposit using the application, is there any part of the check that gets put on hold? On the old application, I deposited my payroll check on a Friday, and it only allowed me a small portion of the check. The rest held until the following Tuesday. I could have just gone to the bank and had access to it quicker than that.

    • Hi Amy! Our mobile deposit feature does put holds on some deposits, depending on your account history, just like a deposit in a branch would. The best way to gain immediate access to your paycheck is to enroll in direct deposit, so your paycheck will automatically be deposited into your account in full on payday.

    • Hi Gary! We don’t currently have a Windows app in progress, but we have communicated the desire for one to our app developer after members have asked about one. We don’t have a timeline at this point for the development of one, but we will be sure and notify members if we are going to release one. For now, you can log in to your accounts by visiting m.eecu.org. Our mobile site provides some of the same functionality as an application.

      • Hi. We really need the Windows 8 app. Seven months have passed and it’s still not available. I was very disappointed to find that I can’t get the Amazon gift card because you have not created the app. I’ve already submitted my email and now I will probably be flooded with marketing.

    • Hey Steven! Yes, our Mobile Deposit does support money orders. These are less common than checks, so if you have any troubles completing your deposit, please feel free to call us at 817-882-0800.

  5. I think the app is awesome, but I’d love to see the full iPhone 5 screen being used. When will you guys be updating this? A friend of mine has a android device with a larger screen, which you guys support…

    • Hi Brandon! We are currently working with our app developer to update our Apple app to accommodate the iPhone 5’s larger screen. We hope to have this update ready for use in July. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the app! 🙂

  6. Do you have any plans for a Windows app?. I would like to be able to take a picture to use the check deposit feature which does not appear to be available thru online banking.

    • Hi Jennifer! Currently, there isn’t a way to use mobile deposit through our mobile website, but if you have a scanner, you can deposit checks through Online Banking on a computer. Right now, our app developer doesn’t support Windows Mobile; however, we are keeping an open conversation with them about developing one. We’ll be sure to share the news if we are able to offer one here as well as our social media channels, so be sure and like us and follow us for the latest updates!

  7. I emailed you about my app stopping unexpectedly now when I try to reload the app for my pantech p8000 crossover I get a message theat the app is not compatible with my phone. Now what? All my other apps work and my Bank of America and Members Credit Union app work. Why can’t you have an app that works on my phone?

    • Hi Ann, have you upgraded your Android software to version 2.3 or newer? The application should work with your handset, however version 2.3 is the oldest version of Android that is supported by it (Android version 4.2 is currently the newest version).

  8. I own the nexus 10 tablet with android 4.2.2. You’re app is not compatible with my device according to google play. What can i do to get this to work?

    • Hi Nick! Currently, our Android app is compatible with some tablets, but not all of them just yet. We are currently in the process of developing another version of Mobile Banking to work for Android tablets, which we’re planning on launching this summer.

  9. My android automatically upgraded my mobile app and now when I try to access my account I get this error message: ”the application EECU Mobile(process.c.ifs banking,fiid.1085 has stopped unexpectantly. Please try again. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times from Google Play and get the same error message. I am stuck! Now I can’t access my account from my android phone.

    • Hi there! We’re sorry to hear about your app troubles. We’re looking into the problem right now, as this is the first time we’ve had a report of this error. Would you mind providing us the phone’s model, the carrier and (if you know it) the version of Android? While we look into this, you may want to try visiting m.eecu.org in your mobile browser. You should be able to log in to your account through this mobile site.

      • Pantech P8000 Android version 2.2.1 carrier Straight Talk which is on the ATT network. It is a att phone. The app worked perfectly until the upgrade 🙁

        • Hmmm. We’re checking with our developers to see if we can determine the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to resolve this quickly. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

          • Thanks all my other apps are working perfectly. My Bank of America mobile app is working fine also.

          • We spoke with our app developer, and it was recommended that you try updating to a newer version of Android. According to the AT&T and Pantech websites, the latest version supported by that device is currently 2.3 (although Android’s most recent version is 4.2). We haven’t received any other reports of problems, so hopefully this will fix it. For assistance upgrading, here’s a link to Pantech’s website: https://www.pantechusa.com/upgrade/crossover/

          • I guess I will move my accounts back to Bank of America then. All my other apps have worked perfectly. Bank of America app works perfectly. I don’t think it is my phone. There was no problem until you upgraded this app.I’m done.

          • We’re very sorry to hear this, Ann. We want you to know that we are committed to providing the best products and services to our members, including our mobile offerings, and are doing our best to work out issues like this one as quickly as possible. We realize this is frustrating, but we hope you will bear with us as we work through your phone’s issue and reconsider your decision. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to give us a call at 817-882-0800.

  10. How on earth do I deposit my checks just by taking a picture? Please let me know, I cant figure it our for the life of me..

    • Hi Ryan! When you log into the mobile app using your member number and password, choose “Deposit Checks” from the menu. This will provide instructions to walk you through the process and make sure that your deposit is successfully completed. We’re happy to walk you through the process if you give us a call at 817-882-0800. Thanks!

  11. Gee…………after reading all these … I will not try this by myself….scary!
    See EECU live soon !

    • Hi Sandra! We hope it’s not as difficult as it seems. If you follow the link in the blog to your appropriate app store, you should have no problem. If you would like some assistance, give us a call at 817-882-0800 or stop by any of our branches.

  12. I have the app downloaded to my iphone 5 yet i cant access because it says I have an invalid user name is there a new set up I need to know about?

    • Hello Bri! Does the app you downloaded have the EECU logo in the icon or an owl logo? There is a similarly named app for another credit union and your login information won’t work with it. You can find a direct link to our application in the blog post above.

      • Yes it has the logo and everything, but i try to log in with my account like i do the website and it wont let me, and when i tried to change my password through the links on the app it had someone elses cell number… but i log in through the main website and it works just fine.

        • Hmmm, that’s strange. Give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll try and help figure out why you’re unable to log in. Thanks Bri!

  13. I love the app!! It works awesome for me! I don’t have the option to do Direct Deposit @ my job so now I just snap a pic of my check and go to the ATM instead of waiting inline or go to the drive thru ! I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

  14. Really disappointed that I can not access app. My phone is several years old and unable to access Google Play. I have the older Android market app and due to phones version not able to update to version that will allow access to Play. Guess until I am willing to upgrade my phone I won’t be able to access via cell. If there is anyway around this I would love to know. Truly dissappointed.

    • Hi Jennifer! If your phone has a Web browser, you can visit m.eecu.org. This will allow you to log in to Online Banking and access much of the same functionality as the actual application. Hope this helps!

      • I have tried to access and get the following message: “We can’t find the page that you’re looking for. If the problem persists,please contact Customer Support or try again later. We apologize for any inconvenienc this may cause.” Any other suggestions?

  15. Same comments as Billy Rains – I often move $$ to other family member accounts and do not know the acct #’s. Please add account owner name back to the mobile app. There was room for this before, so there should be room for this detail on the new app.


    • Hi Michael! Thanks for your feedback! We are working with our app developer to incorporate the features our members need and will definitely keep this request in mind.

  16. Is there a limit to how many checks you can deposit in a month using the online app to deposit checks?

    • Hi Beth! There is no limit on the number of checks you can deposit through the app, but there is a limit on the dollar amount that can be deposited per day, week or month in order to prevent fraud. If you’re having trouble making a deposit, give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll help make sure you can deposit your funds.

  17. On the new app, there is a cash back section. Is there a way to delete an offer from your card because as soon as you click it to read more about the offer it adds it to your card. Also, are there fees associated with the offers?

    • Hi Lauren! Unfortunately, users are unable to remove offers through the smartphone app, but you can remove them by logging in to Online Banking. The good news is there is no cost associated with any of these offers, so once the offer expires, it will be removed automatically and you will never be charged anything.

  18. I downloaded the new app but I am not able to access it because it asks for a user name instead of account #. How do I set up this info for the new app?

    • Hi Britney! Our new app should still require an account number. Make sure you’ve downloaded the app with EECU’s logo, rather than the one with the owl logo which belongs to another credit union. You’ll find links directly to the correct versions in the blog above. Hope this helps!

  19. I actually had more probs with username and password requiring the extra security on the old system and that has stopped with the new app – WOOHOO ! This app is user friendly and had no problems going from account to account. My only issue is that I can not seem to find a way to pay my EECU credit card. It lets me view my balance and when it is due, but I no longer have a button to make a payment 🙁

  20. When trying to transfer funds between accounts with the new app only the account number displays and not the name of the account holder like it is on the website. So I go back to the home screen on the app to see the account number since I don’t have all of them memorized and they aren’t listed either. Please put the account holders name next to all accounts in the app.

  21. Downloaded the new app for iphone and keep getting incorrect password error…………old app worked fine. Why does the new app not work?

    • Hi Tony! Does the app you download have the EECU logo or an owl logo on the icon? There is a similarly named app for a credit union in California which will not accept your login information. If you have the correct app (the one with our logo) and your information isn’t working, give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll help make sure you can get logged in. Thanks!

  22. We need some kind of support for windows phone os or at least access to a mobile site where we can continue to use mobile banking business n the go. I do not even use a home computer for any of my banking. My phone is the only way I access my bank account. Please keep us windows mobile users in mind. Thanks!

    • Hi Charles! We also offer a mobile version of our website with nearly all the functionality of our applications. Just visit m.eecu.org in your phone’s Web browser and you should be able to log in to Online Banking from there as well.

    • Hi Teresa! Currently, although we don’t have an official Windows Mobile app, you can access Online Banking by visiting m.eecu.org in your Web browser. This will give you almost the same functionality as our mobile apps.

    • If you have the correct app downloaded (the one with the EECU logo, not the owl logo), your Online Banking login information should work. If that’s not the case, give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll try to find out why your information isn’t working. Thanks Leslie!

  23. Thanks for releasing this app; it is head and shoulders better than the previous version. Looks great on the iPad and is generally good on the iPhone.

    Suggest that attention be paid to using the entire screen size on the iPhone 5. It’s amazing how much more usable an app can be on the iPhone 5 when it uses the entire screen.


  24. I just want to know if this app is free. I want to download it but need to know the cost, if there is any.


  25. The mobile deposit does not work as well as the original. I never had problems with the original app. I had to retake the pictures multiple times to get it to finally accept the images. The previous app only took one take every time.

  26. I downloaded the new App and everytime I enter my account number and password it tells me it is wrong.

    • Hi Celeste! If you’re still having this issue, first make sure that the correct EECU app is downloaded. Ours has the EECU logo, but there is a similar app available with an owl logo which will not work with your member number and password. If you’re still having issues, give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll find out why it’s not working for you. Thanks!

  27. I’ve tried from my computer and phone to set up mobile banking and it keeps giving error message when I go through registeration process. I’ve tried for days now. I gues as always with EECU I will need to call or go in to get this worked out during their “normal” banking hours. It’s frustrating that it can’t be simple…

  28. I am glad I read these posts. I was realy frustrated because I downloaded the new app and it kept telling me my user name or password was incorrect. I was getting nervouse. Logged on my home computer, found the blogs & there it was! WRONG APP! Thank you bloggers! I love EECU! Left BOA after 25 years & will never go back! EECU ROCKS!

  29. I downloaded the new app to my iphone. I can’t get in. do I need new pass words and user ID info? right now I can’t get in on the old app or new app

  30. The first thing this page needs to say is “DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE APP WITH THE OWL LOGO.” Post a picture of the correct app as it appears in the app store immediately after that warning. This will save EECU hundreds if not thousands of angry calls, emails, and branch visits.

    I spent several minutes downloading the app, trying to log in, and subsequently scrolling through the comments only to discover that I downloaded the wrong app. This could easily have been avoided.

    The new app is OK, but it’s not quite enough. There needs to be a running balance total on the account screen.

  31. Downloaded the new app. Would not take my password. Works on the regular website. Wish I still had the old one. Looks like it is a universal problem. Don’t really want to have to make a call and go through all the menus to fix the problem.

    • Hi there! If you have downloaded the correct app (the one with our logo, not the one with the owl), your information should be correct. Unfortunately, we’re unable to access your account information to find the problem unless you give us a call at 817-882-0800 or visit one of our branches in person. We hope to help resolve this issue soon!

  32. I downloaded it and it works great! Just make sure that people are downloading the correct app because there is one that is very similar to EECU…if you only type in EECU it will pull one up with an owl on it…that is not the correct one. I originally did this and it would not take my ID or password but I went back and reread the updated information on this website and found the correct one…it’s been super easy to use! Thanks!

    • Great call, Leslie! There is another credit union with apps similar to ours, but our members’ login information will not work on them. Members should be sure and download the version with our logo on it in order to access their accounts. So glad you like the new app!

  33. Why is there not iphone 5 support? Brand new app seems like it should fit the whole screen as most other banking apps have upgraded to fit the screen.

    • Hello Brian! Although the app doesn’t fill up the whole iPhone 5 screen, it should function the same as all other iPhones. As with most things, more features make technology more expensive, and as a credit union, keeping costs down allows us to pass along savings in the form of better rates to our members. Hopefully, our members will agree that those extra pixels are worth the savings. 🙂

  34. I just downloaded the new app and it works like a charm. Thanks to EECU technology team. Great job-great App!!!!
    We can always count on EECU TO ROLL OUT WITH THE BEST!!!!!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words! We’re very excited to offer our members solutions that fit their lifestyles, and we’ll continue to improve our technology to serve your needs!

  35. Excited to use this new app! I just downloaded it and the following message appears when I log on “Sorry User reset” Please help solve this issue. I am using the same log on password as I do on Online Banking.

    • Hmm…that’s a message we haven’t seen before. Give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll make sure your login information is working. Thanks!

  36. How do I get user id? Old app asked for account number and password. New one asks for user id and password.

    • Hi! The smartphone app requires the same login information as Online Banking, so if your account number is not working to log in, give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll see what we can do to get you logged in.

  37. Why do you not send an update notice like all other apps? Seems silly for us to be expected to be aware you are discontinuing the current app and starting a new one. I searched the App Store and only one located was EECU California. Have not found Ft Worth yet. Will keep looking

    • Hi there! Unfortunately, because the EECU app is a completely new one, rather than just an update to the old one, we are unable to push out an update notice. Instead, we tried our best to notify our members through emails, our website and our branches. If you’re still having trouble finding the app, just click the appropriate link in the blog above to visit Google Play or Apple’s App Store to download the application. Hope this helps!

  38. I downloaded the new app, but would not take my account # or password. Please help! Thank you.

    • Hi Roy – Uh oh! Give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll see if we can figure out why your login information isn’t working. Thanks!

    • Hi Stephanie! We don’t currently have a Windows app in the works, but it’s definitely something we’ll keep in mind for the future as more of our members purchase Windows phones!

  39. Nice mobile app. Downloaded it to my android phone and will do the same to my tablet later. Works well on my phone.

  40. I have car loan with you and not beena ble to find out how I can set up to make my payments on line. Please provide this information as I am having to mail it.

    • Hi Sharron! When you log in to Online Banking, your loan should appear in the “My Accounts” section. Next to the payment due date, click the “pay” link and set up a transfer of funds. If you’re not seeing this when you log in, give us a call at 817-882-0800 and we’ll see if we can find the problem or walk you through the process.

    • Thanks Richard! We’ve done our best to incorporate features that are valuable to our members, and we’re looking forward to hearing your input!

      • Downloaded through app store, but it says my password is incorrect. Sent my husband to EECU and they said go to website…. once again, issues with technology from EECU. Every day we have to get a special code to use web site!!!!

        • Hi Linda! We’re so sorry you’re having trouble with our Online Banking and mobile app. When you retrieve the special code before logging in each time, do you choose the option to only require the code once? If not, it will ask you to retrieve a new code each time to protect your account from unauthorized log ins.

          • Every time I log in, I choose the option to only require the code once, but I still have to retrieve a code through my cell phone on each subsequent login.

          • This whole program is horrible. I can’t get in to the site on my phone and can’t open up my information on the website. What is wrong?

          • I have downloaded the new app on my Iphone 5 and opened it to check it out. I was woundering if on the loans, they use to have the due date on the home page where they where isted. The new app does not have the due dates. Could this be added to the new app This was very helpful to me on scheduling my pay ments so they where not late and sometimes it gets very confusing which one I need to pay. I get confused. The feature was very helpfue



          • I have the same issue. And yes, is even after i check the box to not require the code for this device it does it constantly, more like every time.

          • Hi Rosanna! Our new app actually doesn’t have that function enabled, so if you download the new application, you won’t have to authenticate your device until we roll out that security requirement later on. You can find a direct link to the new app in your phone’s app store in the blog above. Hope this helps!

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