De Zavala students learn about business and money during JA in a Day

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In honor of International Credit Union day which comes around every October, EECU partnered with Junior Achievement of the Chisholm Trail this past Wednesday to swarm Fort Worth ISD’s De Zavala Elementary School with a day of financial education.

If you’re not familiar with Junior Achievement, this nationwide program aims to equip students with knowledge to be professionally and financially successful after they leave school through programs and activities that bring money and business to life. Although the Junior Achievement program is normally spread out through several weeks, EECU opted to make a day of it with a special “JA in a Day” format.

EECU volunteers were able to spend the whole school day with De Zavala students to teach them about our city, how businesses work and how to make smart decisions with their money using hands-on activities to make these subjects fun.

3 thoughts on “De Zavala students learn about business and money during JA in a Day

  1. I am so glad that EECU has partnerned with JA at DeZavala. This is my old elementary school from many years ago. Back then each student had a real savings account with a local bank & we could save our pennies each week. I wish that EECU would start a similar program with the elementary students of Tarrant & Johnson county. That program from over 50 years ago instilled in me a life long habit of saving money, no matter how small the amount.

    • Hey Linda! We’re so happy to be able to invest in educational opportunities at De Zavala! We still have our Dollar Dog Kids Club to help young folks learn how to save money, but we don’t have programs within our school districts to enroll kids in these accounts. It’s so encouraging to hear that this type of program has helped you so much over the years, and we’re honored to be a part of your financial life!

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