Incorrect Transactions to your Account

In the event that a transaction you’ve made is posted incorrectly to your account—for instance, the transaction amount is incorrect or your account is charged twice—you must file a debit card dispute immediately by calling 1-800-333-9934.

  1. Mastercard® requires that in order to file a dispute, you must first try to resolve the issue with the merchant responsible for the transaction.
  2. If you are unsuccessful in resolving the issue with the merchant, call 1-800-333-9934 to notify us of the situation and end access to the card you used for the transaction.
  3. Provide the representative a description of your attempt to resolve the transaction with the merchant, the name of the merchant representative you spoke with and the phone number used to contact the merchant.

A provisional credit will be credited to your account within ten business days, pending investigation, and a final decision concerning your dispute will be provided to you in writing.

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